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Graduate Assistants

Current Graduate Assistants
  • Ree Palmer
  • Sarah Reynolds
Former Graduate Assistants
  • Alyssa Beauchamp
  • Elijah Howe
  • Tyler Nighswander

Moments in IU history

1958 IU computer lab

IU uses computers to speed research


In 1958, IU was the first university to combine magnetic tape reading machines with an IBM Tape 650 magnetic drum data-processing machine. The result was a dramatic increase in the speed of the Research Center’s equipment, which had already cut some computations from months to minutes. The Research Computing Center was in the basement of what is today (2015) Swain Hall West. Indiana University Archives.

Tamarack Hall at IU Northwest

IU campus opens in Gary


Tamarack Hall, also known as Gary Main by its first occupants, served as the one and only permanent building on the new Gary Glen Park campus for ten years. Upon opening in May 1959, Tamarack contained all campus facilities: classrooms, laboratories, bookstore, library, cafeteria, administrative and faculty offices, and a 600-seat theater. Indiana University Northwest Library: Calumet Regional Archives.

Former Bicentennial Interns

NameGraduating YearTopic of Internship ProjectInternship Semester
Nicholas Broadbear2017History of ROTCSummer 2016, Fall 2016
Alexis Burr2017T.C. Steele research and event planningSummer 2016, Fall 2016
Lee Eubanks2018GLBT Student Support Services Office research and GLBT oral historiesSummer 2016, Fall 2016
Ellen Glover2018Themester beauty tour research and develop podcasts about the campus landscapeSummer 2016, Fall 2016
Andrew Hakes2017Oral history Indiana University-Purdue University Fort WayneFall 2016
Scott Jauch2016History of IU buildingsFall 2016
Sarah Kissel2017History of AeonsSummer 2016
Katherine Lopez2017Groups Scholars Program historySummer 2016
Gabrielle McLemore2017Themester beauty tour researchSummer 2016
Victoria Morales2017Oral history IU NorthwestFall 2016
Kevin Schascheck2019Oral history IU South BendFall 2016
Jordan Siden2017History of the Mini 500Summer 2016, Fall 2016
Yulin Yu2018Themester beauty tour research and history of campus landscapeSummer 2016, Fall 2016