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Bicentennial Sponsored Conference: Critical Approaches to Superfoods

In the past decade, "superfoods" have taken U.S. and European consumer markets by storm. Novel commodities like quinoa and acai, along with familiar products such as cranberries and raw milk, are increasingly framed as superfoods, a classification that seeks to draw attention to their exceptional nutritional prowess and curative properties, but that has not been defined in any standardized way. The increasing visibility of superfoods brings to the fore pressing questions about scientific authority and nutritional expertise, shifting consumer understandings of health and the body, and issues of ownership and bioprospecting. 

This workshop will convene scholars with diverse disciplinary backgrounds and analytical approaches to discuss, debate, and explore the emerging phenomenon of "superfoods."

This conference is organized and facilitated by Emma McDonell, Prof. Sarah Osterhoudt, and Prof. Richard Wilk, and is sponsored in part by a Bicentennial grant. More information about this conference may be found by contacting the Indiana University Food Institute. 


Indiana Memorial Union, 900 E. 7th Street, Bloomington, IN