IUE Timeline HTML Code <h3>1946-2017</h3> <h4>History of Indiana University East</h4> <p>Indiana University East started in 1946 as an extension center at Earlham College which was operated cooperatively by Earlham College and Indiana University East. In 1957, the arrangement included Purdue and Ball State University, and the center became known as the Eastern Indiana Center of Earlham College.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/15784148923/in/dateposted-public/”alt=An early photo of Whitewater Hall”> <h3>History of Indiana University East</h3> <p>In 1967, community members formed an association known as the Eastern Indiana Community College, Inc., in order to raise funds for the construction of a new campus. Over a million dollars was raised and with the consent of all four of the schools involved, the Eastern Indiana Community College, Inc., requested to establish a regional campus of Indiana University in Richmond, Indiana. In 1971, the General Assembly approved this plan, and the Eastern Indiana Center of Earlham College became known as Indiana University East, IU's sixth regional campus.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5532603537/in/album-72157626326931868/"alt-Walking to class, Whitewater Hall 2011"> <h3>1946</h3> <h4>Earlham College–Indiana University Extension Center</h4> <p>Indiana University President Herman B Wells and Earlham College President Thomas C. Jones created the Earlham College–Indiana University Extension Center in Richmond. The center was housed in Carpenter Hall. Thirteen students enrolled.</p> <imgsrc=https://flic.kr/p/8XDjqT“alt=“Classroom Activities - 1954 Earlham Campus Student Lounge”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>1969</h3> <h4>Eastern Indiana Community College, Inc.</h4> <p>Eastern Indiana Community College, Inc. formed with the purpose to raise funds for a community college. The group was chaired by F. Wayne Stidham. One example of the fundraising campaign can be seen in the library’s archival display from 1981. (left)</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5530152876/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Eastern Indiana Community College Campaign Headquarters poster in library window”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>July 1, 1971</h3> <h4>IU East Established</h4> <p>On July 1, the Trustees of Indiana University established IU East as one of seven regional campuses. With funds raised by area citizens, the Trustees purchased 225 acres of land in Richmond, Indiana.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5600885147/in/album-72157625350093410/ “alt=“Site of new IU East Campus, 1971. Man standing next to sign in a field”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>1971</h3> <h4>Fred Grohsmeyer</h4> <p>From 1971-1976, Fred Grohsmeyer was IU East's first Director.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/15873217943/in/photolist-U4ZCZp-UcYRg7-UcYRsQ-U4ZCVB-UcWZbE-qR17Bk-qbEoFr-qbs6zs-qQSfXU-qQZT5R-r6adHd-r8iEUP-r8ixMx-qQZTJ6-q3AEb1-qH33rm-qVnePY-qF5k8o-qF4KMq-q1RRmD/ “alt=“Fred Grohsmeyer”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>August 1972</h3> <h4>Whitewater Hall</h4> <p>The IU Board of Trustees approved the architect’s drawings of the campus’ first building, now called Whitewater Hall.</p> <imgsrc=https://flic.kr/p/r8nHsN “alt=“Whitewater Hall Sketch”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>August 1972</h3> <h4>Classes Begin</h4> <p>A total of 633 students enrolled for fall classes which included 90 sections. Classes continued to be held at Earlham College.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/16403384422/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“George Blakey, History Faculty. Man teaching in classroom.”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>October 3, 1972</h3> <h4>Campus Groundbreaking</h4> <p>The groundbreaking of the first building of the IU East Campus, now called Whitewater Hall. IU president John Ryan, Director Grohsmeyer, Trustees, and members of the student senate participated in the ground breaking ceremony on October 3, 1972.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/34175748901/in/album-72157625350093410/ “alt=“people standing in a field with shovels”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>November 5, 1973</h3> <h4>The Pioneer Press</h4> <p>The first student newspaper was published on November 5, 1973. Janis Hines, a freshman from Winchester, had the winning entry and the paper was named The Pioneer Press. She received $10 and a t-shirt. The newspaper was funded by the student senate. The first editors were John Antkowiak and Linda Newman.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/16218201559/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“James Hamm presents award to Janis Hines”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>May 1974</h3> <h4>Commencement</h4> <p>A total of 35 graduates participated in commencement; 31 men and 4 women.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5226509607/in/album-72157625493942574/ “alt=“IUE Commencement 1975”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>August 1974</h3> <h4>Move from Earlham</h4> <p>At the beginning of the fall semester, Director Fred Grohsmeyer published a Letter from the Director in the Pioneer Press stating "1974-1975 is the year of the move." IU East was eagerly looking forward to the move from Earlham College to the new campus located off U.S. 27.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/16492356702/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Moving Day from Earlham, people with boxes outside a building.”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>January 1974</h3> <h4>IUE Basketball Team's 1st Trophy</h4> <p>The IU East men’s basketball team received the school’s first trophy. The team earned second place in the Miami-Middleton Tournament.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5281114632/in/album-72157625424983403/ “alt=“1974 IU East Basketball Team”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>January, 8 1975</h3> <h4>New Campus Opens</h4> <p>IU East had moved to the new campus and opened its doors for spring registration. Not everything was ready on opening day: the Bookstore was without furnishings and only 40 percent of the parking lot was paved. Students paid a parking fee of 60 cents per credit hour.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/34149205962/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Gary Keesling gives a tour of the new building during dedication week February 16th-23rd, 1975.”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>1975</h3> <h4>Ivy Tech and IU East</h4> <p>Indiana Vocational Technical College (Ivy Tech) began construction of its first building on the IU East campus in the fall.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5166547513/in/photolist-8SxUzp-8SqQE9-8SqQ69-8SnHLv “alt=“IUE Ivy Tech Building in Connersville”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>July 1975</h3> <h4>NCAA Accreditation</h4> <p>IU East is accredited by the North Central Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/33478068974/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Students study in the campus library shortly after being accredited in 1975”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>November 1976</h3> <h4>Alexander Schilt</h4> <p>Alexander Schilt became IU East's first Executive Dean and was appointed Chancellor from 1976-1980. During his tenure, he established the first annual campus funding campaign. The campus had a 30% increase in enrollment to 820 students.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/34278377186/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Alexander Schilt”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>May 1977</h3> <h4>First Bachelor's degree</h4> <p>First Bachelor's degrees is awarded in General Studies to Thomas Joseph Stolle from the School of Continuing Studies.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5529398573/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Office of Continuing Studies”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>1978</h3> <h4>First Annual Art Competition</h4> <p>The Whitewater Valley Art Competition (WVAC) “receives 300 to 400 pieces of art for the competition each year. Previous entries have included works from high schools and universities, art organizations and centers and independent artists. The competition is open to all artists, age 17 and older, who live within a 300-mile radius of Richmond, Ind." (1)</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/15873196713/in/album-72157682418112636/ “alt=“Tom Thomas, IU East art professor from 1978-2008 created the Whitewater Valley Art Competition.”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>1981</h3> <h4>Glenn Goerke</h4> <p>From 1981-1986, Glenn Goerke was IU East's second Chancellor.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/34278399656/in/photolist-Ue4KYC-r8ivF8-e7uRgh-e7pe1k “alt=“Glenn Goerke”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>November 14, 1981</h3> <h4>Chancellor's Run</h4> <p>A total of 36 people participated; student Joe Parker was first over the finish line.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5264196286/in/photolist-qH2d8L-qZAV6n-92agJk-92abFT-92di1A-92daHA-92dcgN-92dhD1-92dimm-92a5Bt-92a4P2-92db8Y-92a4pe-92afb4-92dnTw-92agri-92bo9W-928fYX-9295cP-91UsUF/ “alt=“Chancellor’s Run runners”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>1983</h3> <h4>Baccalaureate Degrees</h4> <p>IU East offered baccalaureate degrees in nursing and business. The campus would have 10 baccalaureate degree options available by 1987.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5452040708/in/album-72157638611684664/ “alt=“Nursing students during a class”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>1987</h3> <h4>Charlie Nelms</h4> <p>From 1987-1994, Charlie Nelms served as IUE's third Chancellor.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/33509494043/in/photolist-T47V8i-6itqg4-6ityZX-6ixGWw-6itr3i-6itqAv-6ixzv9-6itqtB-6ixBDC-6ixFSq-6ixACm-6itxJg-6ixAX9-6itrUR-6itwYi-6itsET-6ixAc9-6ixC2j-6itwuH-6itu9P-6ixFo7-6itwog-6ixzn3-6ixArL-6ixBsW-T1jZpQ-6itv4R-6ixDUo-6itvAi-6ixE6W-6itybV-6ixCz3-6itw5H-6ixCv1-6ixGDA-6itvhg-6itv94-6itxZD-6ityic-6itwdt-6ixEeu-6ituwP-6ixCbu-6itzxv-6ixEPY-6ixCRY-6itxkZ-6ixD9G-6itxSt-6itvqK “alt=“Charlie Nelms”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>1995</h3> <h4>David Fulton</h4> <p>From 1995-2007, David Fulton served as IUE's fourth Chancellor.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/33477900314/in/photolist-T1jZpQ-6itv4R-6ixDUo-6itvAi-6ixE6W-6itybV-6ixCz3-6itw5H-6ixCv1-6ixGDA-6itvhg-6itv94-6itxZD-6ityic-6itwdt-6ixEeu-6ituwP-6ixCbu-6itzxv-6ixEPY-6ixCRY-6itxkZ-6ixD9G-6itxSt-6itvqK-8SqRpq-owh7md-fgQoSx-92dCzd-92agri-9Ewkhg-pP1T8U-6ituN2-6ixGSY-6ixH7m-6itxvt-6itz72-6ixHqo-6itxhK-6ittb2-6ixHzN-6itrJF-6itqTH-6ittFH-6ixGL3-6ittNz-6itxyK-KZZBx-6ixHRd-nDrSwV “alt=“David Fulton”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>1989</h3> <h4>Hayes Hall</h4> <p>Approval was granted for a second building on the East Campus, Hayes Hall. Hayes Hall provided more classroom space and a new home for the library.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5165171058/in/album-72157625350093410/ “alt=“Current and future IU East chancellors hold up a sketch of Hayes Hall in the chancellor's office.”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>June 1996</h3> <h4>Middlefork Hall</h4> <p>IUE's third building, Middlefork Hall, (renamed Tom Raper Hall in 2009) was constructed. The Indiana General Assembly also gave preliminary approval for a fourth building, which focused on student activities and child care.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/32972521314/in/photolist-795WjY-7925DX-7925mx-795W31-795WGs-8SBaEm-8SxYZp-8SB4sj-8SBbfA-8SmW3X-8SA5sq-8SB3CG-8SnYJk-8SzXj7-SeEMQN-93nUyV-7925ag-795WiG-795W8w-7925Tv-79259v-795WBS-795VUd-795WEf-795VVd-79254a-7924Uk-7924Z8-7925gt-7925be-795WFo-795VWE-795WyQ-795Wrj-795We7-79258F-795WnY-7925s6-795Wmj-zaxrC6-a1vHhD-wzaTWx-A7qQfr-7925vr-795Wpj-7925tx-7925qt-79255V-795VSN-795VNG “alt=“exterior shot of Tom Raper Hall”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>October 11, 1999</h3> <h4>Springwood Hall</h4> <p>Springwood Hall is the fourth building on the Richmond campus. It houses the Child Development Center, the Center for Health Promotion, the Graf Recreation Center, the Office of Career Planning and Placement, Tutorial Services, and classrooms.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/33477587844/in/photolist-T1iowq-dYtAmP-8SnuDc-hcEGns-8SnCxg-8Sqyk5-8SqARQ-8Sns74-8SqHGU-8SqFDJ-8SqGe9-8SqDWL-8SqCV3-8SnxKP-8SqCnq-8Sqxhf-ekvpNM-ju6o77-hgBh3Y-qoM4CW-qoLRPf-5rwd7i-ab15JZ-6Kw3NM-6JbwEJ-djL8HP-AcXr7Q-Jq4VGt-ab42u5-6G7SpZ-5UxJT4-G4tGHw-9jLps5-mrgTZX-sKrD1v-sKfDkm-bAjokz-NSvabv-vVUP1h-vgEhc4-tpNUrX-qs9yMT-rmD2Eq-3JVHMH-8GrRJT-7onhtM-peECJA-8SqBns-kZkvG6-8SqHd3 “alt=“Springwood Hall exterior photo”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>1999</h3> <h4>New Platforms</h4> <p>IU East switched from Mac to PC.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/16195010590/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Staff using new computers”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>2005</h3> <h4>Honors Program</h4> <p>The IU East Honors Program was established in 2005.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/33462794604/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Honors students study in the Honors Lounge”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>2007</h3> <h4>Nasser Paydar</h4> <p>Dr. Nasser Paydar became Interim Chancellor in 2007 and was appointed as Chancellor in 2009.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/33686442711/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Chancellor Paydar”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>2007</h3> <h4>Graduate Studies</h4> <p>IU East's first graduate program, a Master of Science in Education, was established and graduated its first class in 2007. Shortly thereafter in 2008, the Master of Social Work program was approved.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/33937592040/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Logo for the MSW at IU East”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>August 2007</h3> <h4>Joining NAIA and KIAC</h4> <p>IU East joined the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (KIAC).</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/34575602592/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“NAIA 2007”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>August 2007</h3> <h4>First Varsity Teams</h4> <p>The first varsity teams for IU East as an NAIA participant included men’s basketball, women’s volleyball and men’s golf.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/34575601542/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“2008-2009 men's basketball team”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>January 2008</h3> <h4>Rufus the Red Wolf</h4> <p>Rufus the Red Wolf became IU East’s mascot in the spring of 2008. A red wolf was chosen to represent the school’s spirit and energy. The school’s original mascot was a pioneer.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/34575600972/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Rufus the Red Wolf”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>October 12, 2009</h3> <h4>Tom Raper Hall</h4> <p>Middlefork Hall was renamed Tom Raper Hall in 2009 in honor of the Richmond businessman. His gift of $2.17 million dollars in support of the campus is the largest gift in IU East’s history.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/5166979190/in/album-72157625350093410/ “alt=“Indiana University East Chancellor Charlie Nelms and Tom Raper”> <p>IU East Archives</p> <h3>September 7, 2010</h3> <h4>On-campus Dining</h4> <p>The Den, a full-service dining hall, opened in the fall of 2010.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/32767210705/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“The Den 2010”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>2011</h3> <h4>Largest NAIA Athletics Program of Indiana</h4> <p>IU East had the largest NAIA athletics program of any state school in Indiana. Additional varsity teams since 2007 include men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s track and field, men’s and women’s tennis, women’s golf, and competitive cheer and dance.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/34606364751/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Cheer Dance Nationals”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>July 1, 2013</h3> <h4>Kathryn Cruz-Uribe</h4> <p>IU East's first female Chancellor started on July 1, 2013.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/iuelibrary/34697696106/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Kathryn Cruz-Uribe”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>January 31, 2014</h3> <h4>912 in Downtown Richmond</h4> <p>The School of Humanities and Social Sciences held the public opening of Room 912, an art gallery, classroom, and studio space located in downtown Richmond.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/31923907344/in/dateposted-public/ “alt=“Chancellor Cruze-Uribe and husband paint at the new studio opening”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>August 19, 2016</h3> <h4>Student Activities and Events Center Opens</h4> <p>After years of fundraising, IU East can finally host sporting games and events on campus at the new facility.</p> <imgsrc=https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/32972587144/in/album-72157679971670006/ “alt=“Student Activities and Events Center Opening Event”> <p>IU East Office of Communications and Marketing</p> <h3>References</h> <p>1. Media Relations. "IU East's 38th annual Whitewater Valley Art Competition to be juried by Nancy Princethal." IU East. Sept. 28, 2016.</p>