<h3>Major Milestones of Higher Education</h3>

<p>The law affects almost every aspect of the functioning of Indiana University and higher education in general. As a result, a comprehensive outline of the legal history of higher education is a useful tool. The timeline that follows illustrates major higher education legal milestones.</p>

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<h4>Harvard University Established</h4>

<p>The first university in the new world was established by a vote of the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.</p>

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<h4>Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodword</h4>

<p>This case settled the debate between public and private charters and allowed for there to be both public and private institutions of higher education.</p>

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<h4>The Morill-Land Grant Acts</h4>

<p>This act provided land for states to create colleges which focused on agricultural and mechanic arts. A large number of colleges were created due to this act including Purdue University, Michigan State University, and Virginia Tech.</p>

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<h4>False Claims Act</h4>

<p>This act provided a legal way to prevent fraud against the government (whistleblowers).</p>

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<h4>Sherman Antitrust Act</h4>

<p>This act sought to keep competition competitive and prevent monopolies. It can apply to higher education institutions in order to keep them competitive, or keep them from forming trusts, in areas such as tuition cost and accreditation.</p>

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<h4>Servicemen's Readjustment Act (G.I. Bill)</h4>

<p>The G.I. bill provided veterans funds to either return to college, attend college for the first time, or to participate in some type of training program which created a flood of new students after the war. It is estimated that approximately nine million veterans took advantage of this bill.</p>

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<h4>National Scientific Foundation Act</h4>

<p>This legislation created the National Science Foundation. The NSF provides a large amount of funds for science and research in higher education institutions.</p>

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<h4> National Collegiate Athletic Association</h4>
Although the organization was created in 1906, the NCAA established permanent headquarters in 1951. The NCAA has been continually organizing collegiate athletics since its inception.
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<h4>Brown v. Board of Education</h4>

<p>The Supreme Court upholds that "separate is not equal." This landmark legislation paved the way for the desegregation of schools at all levels.</p>

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<h4>Sweezey v. New Hampshire (1957) and Keyishian v. Board of Regents of University of New York (1967)</h4>

<p>Two landmark court cases that defined academic freedom for higher education.</p>

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<h4>National Defense Education Act</h4>

<p>In response to the Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite Congress passed this act. It provided national funding for scientific research and education in an attempt to catch up to the Soviets in the space race.</p>

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<h4>Dixon v. Alabama</h4>

<p>This legislation provided due process for students in higher education. It also brought an end to "in loco parentis" which is the term used to describe when colleges took on the role and responsibilities of being a parent of its students in the eyes of the law.</p>

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<h4>Equal Pay Act</h4>

<p>This act prohibits wage based discrimination based on the sex of an employee.</p>

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<h4>Higher Education Facilities Act</h4>

<p>This act helped increase and improve the physical aspect of colleges.</p>

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<h4>Civil Rights Act</h4>

<p>This landmark legislation prohibits discrimination based on race, color, and national origin.</p>

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<h4>Higher Education Act</h4>

<p>This act increased federal funding to higher education. Specifically, it increased the financial assistance available for students.</p>

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<h4>Animal Welfare Act</h4>

<p>This act regulates the treatment of animals in research.</p>

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<h4>Age Discrimination in Employment Act</h4>

<p>This legislation prohibits employment discrimination based on age.</p>

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<h4>Freedom of Information Act</h4>

<p>This bill laid out a process for individuals to request access to university information records.</p>

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<h4>Powe v. Miles</h4>

<p>This law established that colleges can have both public and private sections.</p>

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<h4>Tinker v. Des Moines Community School Districts</h4>

<p>This act protected student’s first amendment rights in public institutions and especially focused on a student’s right to freedom of speech and that they had a legal ability to protest.</p>

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<h4>Occupational Safety and Health Act</h4>

<p>This act was designed to keep places free from health hazards. It also required colleges to have written emergency action plans visible in the workplace.</p>

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<h4>Perry v. Sindermann</h4>

<p>This act established that the removal of tenured faculty member requires a cause and due process in order for it to be legitimate.</p>

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<h4>Education Amendments</h4>

<p>Title IX, of the Education Amendments, states that there cannot be discrimination based on sex in any educational institution that receives federal funding. Among other things this important legislation has improved equality in collegiate sports.</p>

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<h4>Zumbrun v. University of Southern California</h4>

<p>This law established that the relationship between the university and student is contractual.</p>

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<h4>The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)</h4>

<p>This act ensures that student educational records are kept private. It still governs the privacy of student educational records today.</p>

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<h4>Resource Conservation and Recovery Act</h4>

<p>This legislation established regulations on the disposal of both solid and hazardous waste..</p>

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<h4>The Copyright Act</h4>

<p>This act designated the rights of copyright holders. It is still the main piece of legislation on copyright law today.</p>

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<h4>Regents of the University of California v. Bakke</h4>

<p>This case upheld affirmative action. Affirmative action says that race can be a factor in the college admissions process.</p>

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<h4>National Labor Relations Board v. Yeshiva University</h4>

<p>This ruling decided that full time professors did not have collective bargaining rights because they had "managerial" discretion when it came to academics.</p>

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<h4>Bradshaw v. Rawlings</h4>

<p>This act is about student safety and university liability and states that universities do not have a legal duty when it comes to protecting its students from any harm.</p>

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<h4>Department of Education</h4>

<p>The Department of Education was established. This department manages governmental assistance to educational institutions and monitors educational institutions in the United States.</p>

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<h4>Bayh-Dole Act</h4>

<p>This act enumerated intellectual property rights for university research. It allowed for intellectual property rights for research conducted using federal funding.</p>

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<h4>U.S. News & World Report</h4>

<p>This publication issued its first rankings of higher education institutions. Today these rankings are important for colleges themselves and the students who attend them.</p>

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<h4>Plano v. Fountain Gate Ministries</h4>

<p>This case dealt with the question, what is a college?</p>

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<h4>Mullens v. Pine Manor College</h4>

<p>Colleges must adhere to safety practices like landlords.</p>

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<h4>Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act</h4>

<p>This act increased funding for vocational and technical education in higher education.</p>

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<h4>Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act</h4>

<p>This act was intended to support emergency response preparedness in the United States.</p>

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<h4>The Clery Act</h4>

<p>This act required that colleges receiving federal funding must provide crime statistics and security related information. It is named in honor of Jeanne Clery, a student at Leigh University who was assaulted and murdered in her dorm room in 1986.</p>

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<h4>The Americans with Disabilities Act</h4>

<p>This act prohibits organizations from discriminating against someone because of a disability.</p>

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<h4>Furek v. the University of Delaware</h4>

<p>This act discusses the relationship between higher education and misfeasance negligence. It decided that colleges could be held liable for not doing enough to protect students (misfeasance negligence).</p>

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<h4>School to Work Opportunities Act</h4>

<p>This legislation restructured higher education to include more work-based learning into student academics. The focus was to make sure students had the skills necessary to get a job after graduation.</p>

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<h4>Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act</h4>

<p>This act stated that higher education institutions must provide gender equity reports for athletics.</p>

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<h4>Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act</h4>

<p>This act laid out healthcare guidelines and requirements in general. Higher education institutions are required to follow them.</p>

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<h4>Prairie View University A&M University of Texas v. Mitchell</h4>

<p>This case decided that institutions of higher education can use sovereign immunity as a defense against lawsuits. Sovereign immunity is a legal doctrine that puts forth the idea that a state cannot commit a legal wrong in the eyes of the law.</p>

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<h4>Goldbarth v. Kansas State Board of Regents</h4>

<p>This case interpreted Section 1983 and determined state administrators can get "qualified immunity" against lawsuits. Administrators in public institutions of higher education are granted this "qualified immunity".</p>

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<h4>Sarbanes-Oxley Act</h4>

<p>This act set requirements for accounting in public entities. Higher education institutions are subject to these requirements</p>

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<h4>Cooperative Research and Technology Enhancement Act</h4>

<p>This act amended patent law to promote research.</p>

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<h4>Joseph v. Board of Regents of University of Wisconsin System</h4>

<p>This case decided, through an interpretation of the 11th amendment, that public higher education institutions are considered "arms of the state." As a result, public higher education institutions are guaranteed certain protections against lawsuits. The purpose of this act was to make sure students had the skills necessary to get a job after graduation.</p>

<img src=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/41193874034/in/dateposted-public/”alt=”Joseph v. Board of Regents of University of Wisconsin System, 11th Amendment, ‘arms of the state’”>


<h4>Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act</h4>

<p>This act discussed student codes and preventive measures for student safety.</p>

<img src=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/41011955935/in/dateposted-public/”alt=”Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act”>


<h4>Virginia Tech Shooting</h4>

<p>The Virginia Tech shooting caused a reevaluation of safety on college campuses.</p>

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<h4>Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act</h4>

<p>This act increased federal funding for student financial aid.</p>

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<h4>Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act</h4>

<p> The creation of this act made major healthcare changes.</p>

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<h4>Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act</h4>

<p>The Campus Sexual Violence Act provision, found within this act, includes additional crime categories. The act as a whole was an attempt to address violence against women on college campuses.</p>

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