<h3>1890</h3> <h4>Physical Training for Women</h4> <p>The physical training for women program traces its beginnings to a gymnasium that was housed in Wylie Hall. Harriet Saunderson is appointed Director of the Women’s Gymnasium.</p> <img src=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:697585/LARGE/alt=”Wylie Hall 1889”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0020560</p> <h3>1891</h3> <h4>Physical Training for Men</h4> <p>The physical training for men program traces its beginnings to 1891 and the first men’s gymnasium, which was built behind Owen Hall. James Lilly Zink becomes Director of the Men’s Gymnasium when it is opened in 1892.</p> <img src=blank> <h3>1896</h3> <h4>Mitchell and Owen Hall</h4> <p>The Women’s Gymnasium moves to Mitchell Hall. A second men’s gymnasium is constructed east of Owen Hall. The gymnasium is renamed Assembly Hall in 1917 and razed in 1938.</p> <img scr= http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:697107/LARGE/” alt=”Assembly Hall”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0020082 </p> <h3>1897</h3> <h4>Fun Electives</h4> <p>The first elective Physical Education Program is initiated and is variously known as class work, practice, and service.</p> <img src=” https://www.flickr.com/photos/145186649@N02/29653651250/in/album-72157673230167581” alt=”1896 Women’s Gymnasium.”> <p>Indiana University Arbutus</p> <h3>1917</h3> <h4>Wildermuth Center</h4> <p>A new men’s gymnasium is completed, followed by the construction of an attached field house (completed in 1928) and later renamed the Wildermuth Intramural Center. The HPER addition to this building complex is completed in 1960.</p> <img scr=” http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:703094/LARGE” alt=” Wildermuth Center circa 1917”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0026071</p> <h3>1920</h3> <h4>The Nature and Practice of Play</h4> <p> Professor George Schlafer develops and teachers the first recreation course, The Nature and Practice of Play. By the 1930s, Professor Schlafer is teaching, promoting, and directing recreation courses throughout Indiana.</p> <img src=” http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1146629/LARGE” alt=” Professor George Schlafer.”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0037250</p> <h3>1922</h3> <h4> =”blank” </h4> <p>These programs were created for both women and men by the College of Arts and Sciences. The new programs evolved from earlier courses on physical training.</p> <img scr= http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1559736/LARGE alt=”Marian Morris ('23) in her W.A.A. IU Letter Sweater”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0041415</p> <h3>1925</h3> <h4>Conferring Graduate Degrees</h4> <p>” The first Master’s of Arts degree in Education/Physical Education from the College of Arts and Sciences is conferred upon Curtis Kirklin. His thesis is titled “The Administration of Athletic Funds in Indiana High Schools.”</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1926</h3> <h4>Martha Carr earns first Bachelor of Science</h4> <p> “Martha Carr is awarded the first Bachelor of Science degree in Women’s Physical Education under the auspices of the School of Education.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1931</h3> <h4>New Department Added</h4> <p>The department of physical welfare training is established in the School of Education with an emphases on health, hygiene, physical education, coaching, recreation, safety, and public health nursing. By 1933, W.W. Patty is listed in the Indiana University catalog as both director and professor in this department.</p> <img scr=” http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:712140/LARGE” alt=” Women's physical education class: Volleyball 1931”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0027262 </p> <h3>1932</h3> <h4>First Doctorate of Education in Physical Education</h4> <p>The first Doctorate of Education in Physical Education is awarded to John Harmon. The title of his dissertation is “Methods of Procedure in the City Comprehensive School of Health and Physical Education Survey.”</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1938</h3> <h4>Separate School Established</h4> <p> Faculty members in the areas of health, physical education, and recreation are polled by W.W. Patty. They overwhelming approve the concept of the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. This poll is followed in 1940 with an official vote for a separate school. World War II precludes further movement on the idea until the mid-1940s.</p> <img scr=” http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:703907/LARGE” alt=” HPER Rhythm Class in Trophy Room (1938-1939)”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0026842 </p> <h3>1942</h3> <h4>Influence of World War II</h4> <p>World War II sparks the development of a massive physical fitness program on campus.</p> <img scr=” http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1119622/LARGE” alt=” Pamphlet illustrating the adjusted wartime curricula”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0035365</p> <h3>1945</h3> <h4>Authorization of School of Health, Public Education, and Recreation</h4> <p>At the September Board of Trustees meeting, Indiana University is authorized to form the School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation.</p> <img scr=” http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1738668/LARGE” alt=” Board of Trustees 1945”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0045526</p> <h3>1946</h3> <h4>HPER becomes fully operational</h4> <p>The Indiana University School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation is established and becomes fully operational. W.W. Patty assumes leadership as dean. Administrative offices are housed in Mottier Hall.</p> <img scr=” http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1148284/LARGE” alt=”Mottier Hall”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photograph Collection P0037589>