<h3>1946</h3> <h4>The School of HPER is officially opened</h4> <p>Administrative offices are located in Mottier House.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1947</h3> <h4>Curricula Development</h4> <p>During the school’s first academic year, faculty members develop fifteen professional curricula in health and safety, physical education, and recreation. The Board of Trustees authorizes the school to grant the degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Health effective October 1, 1946, which represents the first degree of its kind of Indiana.</p> <img scr= http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1075647/LARGE alt=”HPER course: Softball 1947”.> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0033442</p> <h3>1948</h3> <h4>The HPER Alumni Newsletter is first published in December 1948</h4> <p>The literary collection of alumnus Lebert H. Weir is donated to IU with the understanding that the Recreation Department would establish the L.H. Weir Library. Weir, a leader in the park and recreation field for almost forty years, authored many books and publications used in the field.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1950</h3> <h4>Relocated to Alpha Hall</h4> <p>The school moves from Mottier House to Alpha Hall, which previously had been a women’s dormitory, as well as a home for the School of Education.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:700344/LARGE alt=”Alpha Hall”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0023321</p> <h3>1951</h3> <h4>”First Alumni Summer Conference”</h4> <p>The first Summer Alumni Conference is held on July 17, 1952 with two hundred alumni present. Intramural sports has become a highly successful program of seventeen different sport schedules with a total of 3,943 men taking part during the year. The corresponding Women’s Recreation Association conducts events in basketball, volleyball, swimming, golf, tennis, softball, hockey, bowling, badminton, and table tennis, with close to 1,000 women participating.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1084349/LARGE alt=”Women playing golf”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0034719</p> <h3>1953</h3> <h4>New building</h4> <p>Indiana University administration approves a new building for the School of HPER. The location is to be in the area of what was then called the Men’s Gymnasium and Fieldhouse.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1954</h3> <h4>Golf Course Construction</h4> <p>A new golf course is under construction. It will be sufficiently completed in time for an intercollegiate competition in the spring of 1957 and fully operational by fall.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:2040622/LARGE alt=”Golf Course”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0058135</p> <h3>1954</h3> <h4>Dean W.W. Patty acts as Director of Athletics</h4> <p>Dean W.W. Patty serves as Acting Director of Athletics until Frank E. Allen assumes the duties of Director of Athletics effective June 15, 1955.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:2133045/LARGE alt=”Frank Allen with Oaken Bucket”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0060982</p> <h3>1955</h3> <h4>Eight Units of HPER</h4> <p>The divisions of the HPER at this time are: Athletic Professional Training, Health and Safety Department, Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union, Department of Physical Education for Men, Department of Physical Education for Women, Recreation Department, Bureau of Service and Research, and Intercollegiate Athletics.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1075722/LARGE alt=”Women participating in HPER class”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0033459</p> <h3>1956</h3> <h4>Arthur Simpson Daniels becomes the second Dean of the School of HPER</h4> <p>The school offers 442 class sections in 202 different courses for a total enrollment of 11,251 students. In addition, there are 134 graduate students enrolled in individual research, field experiences, and theses. To put HPER enrollment into perspective, university enrollment on the Bloomington campus for the 1956 spring semester was 11,318 students.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:703831/LARGE alt=”Arthur Simpson Daniels”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0026766> <h3>1957</h3> <h4>Construction of new HPER building begins</h4> <p>In October 1957, construction begins on the new HPER building, which was then referred to as the Gymnasium Annex.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1691262/LARGE alt=”Construction of Gymnasium Annex”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0042366 </p> <h3>1958</h3> <h4>Senior Send-Off</h4> <p>The First Annual Senior Send-Off Banquet is held</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1959</h3> <h4>The Woodlawn Tennis Courts are completed</h4> <p> “blank”</p> <img scr=”blank”> http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1922222/LARGE <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0053691</p> <h3>1960<h3> <h4>Undergraduate Curriculum Study Committee<h4> <p>The Undergraduate Curriculum Study Committee revises the undergraduate curriculum requirements in line with new standards set forth by the State Department of Public Instruction.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1961</h3> <h4>Move to new HPER building</h4> <p>The school moves from Alpha Hall to the new HPER building during Christmas recess 1960.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1961</h3> <h4>First HPER High School Recruitment Day held</h4> <p>On December 7-9, 1961 the HPER building is dedicated in a three-day gala affair, with an elaborate banquet and special presentations on “Research on the Aging Process” by David Dill (Research Scholar, Department of Anatomy and Physiology), “The Stress Concept in Conditioning Athletes” by James “Doc” Counsilman, and “Movement Education: The Subject Matter of Physical Education” by Evelyn Davies. The annual Big Ten meetings are held in conjunction with the dedication. Dean Emeritus W.W. Patty attends the ceremony, the only time he will return to campus following his retirement.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:700002/LARGE alt=”Doc Counsilman”> <p> Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0022979</p> <h3>1962</h3> <h4>Royer Pool Dedication</h4> <p>The Robert Royer Pool is dedicated on March 3, 1962 in memory of the IU swimming coach. The dedication is held in conjunction with the Big Ten Indoor 1962 Swimming Championship with President Herman B Wells presiding.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:700005/LARGE alt=”Royer Pool”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0022982</p> <h3>1964</h3> <h4>Name Change for Department of Recreation</h4> <p>The IU Board of Trustees approves a change in name for the Department of Recreation to the Department of Recreation and Park Administration, effective July 1, 1964.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1965</h3> <h4>Anita Aldrich receives award</h4> <p>The US Commissioner of Education awards a grant to Anita Aldrich to support research directed toward the identification and evaluation of a conceptual framework for the physical education curriculum for K-16 (kindergarten through bachelor’s degree).</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:697596/LARGE alt=”Anita Aldrich”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0020571</p> <h3>1965</h3> <h4>Trustees approve name change</h4> <p>The Board of Trustees approves a change in name for the Department of Health and Safety to the Department of Health and Safety Education, as well as the establishment of the Center for Safety and Traffic Education.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1965</h3> <h4>University Outdoor Pool</h4> <p>The University Outdoor Pool officially opens on May 4, 1966.</p> <img scr=https://res-5.cloudinary.com/simpleview/image/fetch/c_limit,f_auto,h_1200,q_75,w_1200/http://bloomington.simpleviewcrm.com/images/listings/original_IUoutdoorPool.jpg alt=”IU Outdoor Pool”> <h3>1966</h3> <h4>President Elvis Stahr appoints research committee</h4> <p>In November 1966, President Elvis Stahr appoints a committee to study the proposed Center for Research in Outdoor Recreation. In April 1967, the committee submits its report to President Stahr. The Program for Research in Outdoor Recreation is approved by the Administrative Council of the university.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1966</h3> <h4>New labs, New director</h4> <p>An exercise physiology laboratory fully equipped for faculty and student research becomes operational. Loren Myhre is appointed its director.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1757873/LARGE alt=”Exercise physiology tests”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography P0047097</p> <h3>1967</h3> <h4>Graduate Programs Expand</h4> <p>The PhD in human performance for physical education is approved by the Graduate Curriculum Council of the University Graduate School. The Graduate Record Exam is required for all incoming graduate students beginning in September 1967.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1967</h3> <h4>Modern Dance</h4> <p>The Modern Dance Performing Group presents concerts for the Indiana University Convocation Series, Normal College, and Culver Military Academy. Jacqueline Clifford, Program Director, is also choreographer for the IU Summer Opera production, Boito’s Mefistofele.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:1142126/LARGE alt=”Modern Dance 1960”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0036948> <h3>1968</h3> <h4>Master’s of Public Health</h4> <p>The Board of Trustees approves the Master’s of Public Health (MPH) degree.</p> <img scr=”blank”> <h3>1969</h3> <h4>”McCracken Court”</h4> <p>The Board of Trustees approve naming the basketball playing floor in the new Assembly Hall Branch McCracken Court after the legendary basketball coach.</p> <img scr=http://fedora.dlib.indiana.edu/fedora/get/iudl:703269/LARGE alt=”Assembly Hall Construction”> <p>Indiana University Archives Photography Collection P0026246</p> <h3>1970</h3> <h4>Silver Anniversary</h4> <p>The School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation celebrates in Silver Anniversary</p> <img scr=”blank”>