IU’s 200-year anniversary is fast approaching. For the university, it symbolizes the various accomplishments and contributions from alumni around the world but also addresses points in time where it faltered as an institution.

Mike Dillard left the garage door halfway open to stay cool, but beads of sweat ran down the side of his face while he poured the melted remains of a bell from IU’s Student Building into a ceramic mold.

Across this state, Paleo-Indian hunter-gathers tracked mastodons armed with knapped chert spears. The Hopewell people adapted highly productive agricultural practices to the rich soil and produced corn and squash. Its first capitol was Corydon. It has 92 counties stretching from the Lake Michigan coast to the banks of the Ohio River. It has the most miles of interstate highway per square mile of any state in the union. Its highest point is Hoosier Hill.

The Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial has commissioned two new mural projects for the Bloomington campus, to be installed in Wright Quad and Presidents Hall, as part of the Bicentennial Heritage Preservation and Campus Beautification project. Additionally, it is supporting the installation of the first regional campus history mural at IU Kokomo.

"International education is always at a crossroads, as it should be," Lee Feinstein, founding dean of the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, said at the recent opening of the first symposium offered as part of the Indiana University Bicentennial.

IU Time Warp 2020 is the newest challenge at The Escape Room USA-Indianapolis. Loaded with IU spirit, trivia and memorabilia, this unique Hoosier experience debuted Sept. 28.

James VanderVeen, associate professor of anthropology and chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, lead a dig on the campus of IU South Bend as part of the field study school.

The museum, 307 E. 2nd St., opened the dig to the public in June with a series of Community Volunteer Days. “It started with a grant through the Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial,” Wylie House Museum Director Carey Beam explains.

On April 1, 1947, the second edition of The Southeastern Student was released to students and staff at Indiana University Southeast. The edition, an early ancestor of today’s student newspaper, The Horizon, consisted of school reminders, updates on the employment of alumni and statistics on a recent basketball tournament in Bloomington.

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Retired from University Library since 2001, Jim Lockwood had to begin his May 21 visit back to the IUPUI landmark with popping in on former colleagues in the cataloguing department.

Students are getting the opportunity to truly get their hands dirty and learn about the history of campus with an archaeological dig that started this week behind River Crossing campus housing.

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Indiana University President Michael McRobbie provided an overview of initiatives and changes to the university during a regular meeting of the Bloomington Rotary Club on Tuesday at the Indiana Memorial Union.

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Tens of thousands of pages about people, places and history magically appear at our fingertips, though the content is solely at the mercy of anonymous writers and editors all over the planet. Some subjects worthy of a page don't have one, while others that do may have incomplete and/or inaccurate information.

Indiana University President Michael McRobbie talked about the 1854 fire that destroyed IU's first building in Seminary Square and how Monroe County citizens raised $10,000 to rebuild it.

The Indiana University Bloomington campus is one of America’s most beautiful. The harmony of the limestone buildings and the generous and strategic use of green space make it a destination not just for students and scholars but also for students of architecture and tourists looking for an interesting stop.

The IU Bicentennial campaign is dedicated to making sure a high quality education remains accessible to Hoosiers, and that IU has the resources to support world class faculty and research. IU Foundation President and CEO, Dr. Dan Smith, describes IU Bicentennial campaign priorities.

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The Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial has awarded the latest round of Bicentennial Project Grants and Bicentennial Course Development Grants to support activities that commemorate and chronicle IU's cultural and historical identity in ways that will inspire and engage the community.

President McRobbie speaks at a podium during the State of the University address.

Indiana University received $461.8 million in total private individual and institutional philanthropy in fiscal year 2017, the Indiana University Foundation has announced. This includes over $168 million in nongovernmental grants and over $293 million in private philanthropy (i.e. contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations).

President McRobbie speaks at a podium during the State of the University address.

A bit of history stored away in a box. Richard Feingold studied at IU South Bend and later worked there in multimedia and communications. All the while he took photos on campus for 20 years from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.