Muskrat loophole, sloth skeleton, Georgia O’Keefe: News from around our 50 states

Indiana University is building a replica of a giant ground sloth’s skeleton that was once a star attraction in its natural history collection but was removed to make room for students during an enrollment surge following World War II. Officials say the project aims to teach people about the megalonyx jeffersonii that roved around Indiana thousands of years ago while also shedding light on an unfortunate decision in IU history, The Herald-Times reports. Some bones from the sloth’s 10 1/2-foot-tall skeleton that were tossed have been recovered, along with skeletons of a mastodon and a mammoth. “According to some alumni records in the IU archives, they were thrown out a window,” says Polly Root Sturgeon, outreach coordinator at the Indiana Geological and Water Survey. Beginning in August, the imitation skeleton will journey through all 92 counties in the state.

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