Meet our amazing interns!

We have almost twice as many student interns this semester as we had last fall, and they are doing some exciting work. Four students are working to locate IU’s Centennial time capsule, buried in 1920 somewhere underneath the Seminar Square Kroger, and to develop a plan for the construction of a Bicentennial time capsule. Another project constructs a history of women at IU, starting from a list of hundreds of scientists, administrators, mathematicians, and others, and focusing on women who have not yet been recognized. And another student is compiling an early history of women’s basketball, consisting of information about women’s sports nationally (for example, in 1890 women’s uniforms involved a full bloomer worn to the ankles, a blouse, stockings, and high-laced tennis shoes), and how women played the game at IU (from 1896 until 1905, they played in a gym with six concrete support pillars, which slowed the game down considerably!). For a list of our current interns and their projects, click here:

To meet our interns and see samples of their awesome work, please come to our Intern Open House on Friday, April 28, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, in the Frances Morgan Swain Student Building, Room 015. We hope to see you there!