Bicentennial Intern Host Site Proposal


The Indiana University Bicentennial has three main goals:

  • Celebrate and Recognize
  • Chronicle, Document, and Explore
  • Inspire and Engage 

Each goal does not need to be incorporated into a project in order for it to receive funding. Proposals that balance these goals effectively have a better chance of receiving funding. More detailed information about each goal follows. 

Celebrate and Recognize 

Celebrate and recognize that great universities are distinguished by the contributions of individuals and institutions who are advocates, alumni, communities, donors, faculty, friends, staff, and students of Indiana University who have contributed to IU’s first two centuries. Through existing and new efforts, we will acknowledge, honor, and express genuine gratitude for their commitment, loyalty, and leadership.

Chronicle, Document, and Explore

Chronicle, document, and explore IU’s history, both the good and the bad, through databases and information systems, policy development, public discussion and outreach, scholarly and creative work and best practices related to discovering IU’s cultural and historical identity. These efforts should identify Indiana University’s past in relation to education, learning, research, social well-being, diversity, and community engagement for 200 years, its impact on the state, nation and the world. They should also envision how Indiana University might engage with the challenges of the future–income inequality, a changing environment, large scale population movements, education, disease and public health, and war and peace–providing the foundation for post-Bicentennial strategic planning.

Inspire and Engage

Inspire and engage students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, community members, and peers in the events, publications, and other activities of the Bicentennial in ways that they find inspiring, meaningful and relevant to their IU experience and present-day lives. These activities should be designed to strengthen, rejuvenate, and rediscover University traditions that connect past, present, and future generations to IU’s heritage and values. They should build on IU’s historic strengths and should seek to distinguish Indiana University from among many outstanding public research universities.