Bicentennial Race

Celebrate each IU campus

The Bicentennial Race is a multi-day event occurring on all seven IU campuses during one weekend in 2020. Interns from IU’s seven campus have created race concepts showcasing the institution’s history and each campus’s unique location. Seven students from each of the campuses will share their school spirit on multi-campus teams traveling to each campus.  Racers will participate in mental and physical challenges to celebrate each campus’s unique history and campus culture.

Project Director and Committee 

  • Angel Nathan, IU Bicentennial Assistant Project Manager (Project Director)
  • Greg Blandford, IU Northwest Campus Intern
  • Emma Coates, IU Bloomington Campus Intern
  • Elizabeth George, IU East Campus Intern
  • Camille Greenwell, IU Southeast Campus Intern
  • Emily Harsh, IU Kokomo Campus Intern
  • Chase Howard, IU Southeast Campus Intern
  • Alexis Johnson, IU South Bend Campus Intern
  • Sky Kaur, IU Northwest Campus Intern
  • Necole Lett, IUPUI Campus Intern
  • Lucas Maurer, IU Bloomington Campus Intern
  • Marissa Moss, University-wide Intern
  • Brooke Runyon, IU Kokomo Campus Intern
  • Zach Snider, IU South Bend Campus Intern
  • Morgan Weaver, IU East Campus Intern
  • Destiny Willis, IUPUI Campus Intern