Indiana Academies Symposium

Help us think beyond boundaries

The Indiana Academies Symposium is a unique opportunity to celebrate and support Indiana’s broad intellectual capital. The symposium will offer a platform to share and promote cross-disciplinary research, discussion, and collaboration.

The symposium will be held April 3-4, 2020, at the Indiana Convention Center, and will draw on IU’s 200 years of leadership in higher education and research by bringing the state’s academic associations together. The event will both facilitate annual meetings for organizations that choose to do so, and also offer programming with sessions and speakers that focus on cross-disciplinary topics.

More information about this symposium will be posted here as it becomes available.

Partner with us

If your organization would like to participate in the Indiana Academies Symposium, please send an email to

Committee chair: Dr. Surekha Rao, Indiana University Northwest