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Founding the Asian Culture Center Podcast

The interviews in this podcast were conducted in October and November 2017.

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women in social service at IU

The Women Who Broadened IUPUI

Whether founding new schools or creating welcoming environments for students, these women broadened IUPUI by opening its doors to new students and new ideas. Since the earliest days of IUPUI and the IU schools of Indianapolis that came before it, there have been women blazing trails for others woven throughout the campus’s history.

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The Road to the Asian Culture Center

The Asian Culture Center celebrates 20 years at IU Bloomington in October 2018. As stated on their website, their goals are to inform and promote awareness, to support coalition building and unity, to build a more inclusive and welcoming community, and to listen to the needs of students.

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Thai students performing a radio show

Diplomacy, Diversity, and Dollars: How the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement Shaped International Student Policy at Indiana University, 1950-1970

The 1950s and the following two decades signified Indiana University’s transformation into a cosmopolitan hub.

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iu in Ghana

A History of the OVPDEMA Overseas Study Programs Part 1

Since the very first trip in 2002, these custom programs have provided subsidized, all-inclusive and culturally immersive overseas experiences to hundreds of students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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IU in India

A History of the OVPDEMA Overseas Study Programs Part 2

Each customized overseas trip through OVPDEMA runs for two or three weeks with each day planned out with activities related to the culture of the travel destination. In the case of Ghana in 2002, this trip was thematically structured to educate students on the transatlantic slave trade, what took place in Ghana before slaves were taken to America, and the way everyday life takes place in modern Ghana.

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carrie parker portrait with carrie's family beside it

IU honors first female African-American student with portrait in the IMU

Alumni, faculty, staff and students gathered in the East Lounge of the Indiana Memorial Union on March 27, waiting for the unveiling of the highly anticipated portrait of Carrie Parker Taylor, the first female African-American to attend IU.

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IU Bicentennial mourns passing of Leon Taylor, son of IU’s first female African-American student

The Indiana University Bicentennial is mourning the passing of Leon Parker Taylor, son of Carrie Parker Taylor, IU’s first female African-American student. Leon passed away on Oct. 25, 2019 at the age of 103.

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