IU Kokomo Faculty & Staff Research Symposium

Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019
Time: 2:30 PM
Location: Alumni Hall, Kelley Center
Faculty Presenters: 14
Attendance: 250

The IU Kokomo event involved contributions from faculty and staff. During the event, the 14 presenters used posters, PowerPoint, and oral presentations to discuss their work. As part of the event, IU Kokomo archivist, Meg Galasso, gave a presentation about the founding of IU Kokomo and its development over the last 75 years.

Presenters included:

  • Jamie Oslawski-Lopez, Department of Sociology, “Outsourcing Household Labor and the Division of Labor Cross-Nationally”
  • Kathy Holcomb, Department of Psychology, “The Rise of Unique Names: Parental Narcissism, Culture, and Intention”
  • Christina Romero-Ivanova, School of Education, “Narrative Spaces: Providing Opportunities for Students’ Sacred Literacies within the Classroom”
  • Chris Felts, Department of Criminal Justice, “Popularity in Adolescence: Long-term Consequences of Being Popular in High School”
  • Patrick Motl School of Sciences, “Numerical Simulations of Binary Stars”
  • Xiaoqiong (Crystal) Wang, School of Business, “The Crypto Question: Are Cryptocurrencies Good Investments?”
  • Eva White, Department of English, “Self as "Other:" My research on Irish Writer Roddy Doyle”
  • Lala Acharya, School of Allied Health Sciences, “Stressors and Depression in college students across gender and domestic status”
  • Hisako Masuda, Chemistry, “Identification and Characterization of First Bacteria that Can Metabolically Degrade Nylon 11”
  • TJ Sullivan, Department of Biology, “Coevolution of Canada wildrye and its fungal symbiont Epichloë Canadensis”
  • Kate Aguilar, Student Activities and Campus Diversity Coordinator, “In the Eyes of the Hurricanes: Race, Football, and Miami in American Conservatism”
  • LJ Lee, School of Allied Health Science, “Self-presentation in the sport industry: An analysis of professional athletes’ Twitter profile photographs”
  • Johnathan Grant, Associate Director of Web Services and Heather Humphrey, Advisor for Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Undecided, “Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Program and its Effectiveness”
  • Erin Doss, Department of Communication, “Indie dyers, Instagram, and the visual persona”
  • Gin Morgan, Department of Psychology, “Metacognitive flexibility in monkeys”