IU Southeast Faculty Research and Creative Activity Day

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Date: Friday, September 27, 2019
Time: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM
Location: Conference Center; University Center North
Faculty Presenters: 50
Attendance: 145

IU Southeast faculty from every school showcased their work at this event via presentations and a poster session. The effects of the work across the southeastern region of Indiana has enhanced teaching at local schools, provided local governments and agencies knowledge that they need to improve the lives of people in the community, and has enriched the lives of local citizens with exciting artistic works and performances.

Faculty made presentations during two sessions in the morning and all attendees and speakers attended an award luncheon upon the conclusion of the presentations and posters.

Presenters included:

  • Jean Abshire, Political Science & International Studies, “Lowing the Drawbridge to the Ivory Tower: Using Podcasting & Student Radio for Popular Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Aimee Adam, Psychology, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beautiful: Enhanced Eyelashes increase Perceived Health and Attractiveness”
  • Donna Albrecht, Education/ELS, “Equity for English Learners in Gifted Education Programs-The Iterative Development of a Teaching Model”
  • Sumreen Asim, STEM Education, “Bringing Augmented Reality (AR) into our STEM Classrooms”
  • Omar Attum, Biology, “Biodiversity Value of Archaeological Landscapes”
  • Doyin Coker-Kolo and Donna Albrecht, Secondary Education, “Together We’ll Grow: A Pipeline Program for College and Career Readiness and Teacher Education”
  • Pamela Connerly, Biology, “You get a Phage, you get a Phage…Everyone gets a Phage!”
  • Susanna Crum, Fine Arts, “Post-Digital Approaches in Fine Arts”
  • Donna Dahlgren and Uric Dufrene, Social Sciences, “Using Behavioral Economics to Create a Culture of Caring at IUS”
  • Douglas Darnowski, Nicholas Anderson, Joseph Woods, Biology, “What’s Eating Everything? Carnivorous Plants Where We Don’t Expect Them”
  • Samantha Earley and Nancy DeJoy, English, “ Image-ning the Emotive Power of the Poetic Word”
  • Kent Edmonds, Biology, “Regulation of Reproduction and Gastrointestinal Development in the Marsh Rice Rat”
  • Deborah Finkel, Marie Ernsth-Bravell, Charles Emery, Chandra Reynolds, and Nancy L. Pedersen, Psychology, “Longitudinal Relationship between Physical and Cognitive Aging”
  • Melissa Fry and Joshua Cassin, Sociology, “Brining Research Home: A Case Study in Using Local Partnerships to Inform Decision-Making, Advocacy, and Change”
  • Bradford Griggs and Melanie Hughes, Social Studies, “The Object has the Message: Using 3D Digital Pedagogy to Explore the Past”
  • Elizabeth Gritter, History, “A Matter of Back and White”
  • Todd Grote, Geosciences, “Re-Interpretation of the Kent End Moraine and Evidence of Ice Sheet Stagnation in Northwestern Pennsylvania”
  • Carla Hermann, Mark Pfeifer, Barbara Head, and Tara Schapmire, Nursing, “Silos to Bridges: Inter-Professional Education Interventions to Improve Care for Oncology Palliative Care Patients”
  • Daniel Hoffman, Psychology, “Environmental Enrichment Decreases Motivation in Rats to Consume Sweetened Solutions”
  • James Hollenbeck, Education, “Perceptions of English Language Learners in the Secondary Science Classrooms 2017-2018”
  • Gregory Kordsmeier, Sociology, “Valuing First-Generation Students: A Cultural Capital Intervention”
  • Barbara Kutis, Art History, “Artist-Parents in Contemporary Art”
  • Steffany Maher, Secondary English Language Arts Education, “Critical Inquiry Circles: Independent Reading, Whole-Class Discussion, and Collaborative Research and Writing”
  • Julia Mattingly, Nursing, “Population Health: The Lakota of the Pine Ridge Reservation”
  • Suparna Mukhopadhyay, Biology, “Digitization and Curation of the IU Southeast Zoological Collection of Fish, Mussels, and other Invertebrate/vertebrates Species”
  • Ann Niren, Music, “Ben Harney: The Most Famous Louisville Musician (You’ve Never Heard Of)”
  • Jennifer Ortiz, Criminology, “Designed to Fail: The Failed State of Prisoner Reentry in the Kentuckiana Region”
  • Elizabeth Rueschhoff, Jaren Scott, Noah Kirtley, Biology, “Investigation of Vitamin B6 Content in Natural Plant Communities”
  • Valerie Scott, Psychology, “Preparing Students to Effectively Navigate the Changing Face of the World: Cultural Competence Development Tools”
  • Aaron Setterdahl and Jeremy Riggle, Chemistry, “Beer Chemistry”
  • David Taylor, Biology, “The History of Water Lilies through Time and Space”
  • Victor Waingeh, Chemistry, “Computational Studies of Structures and Binding Properties of Ligands to Malaria and Cholesterol Protein Targets”
  • Jeremy Wells, English, “’To Tell of These Songs’: Print and the Reproduction of Black Music, 1863-1903”
  • Christa Zorn, English, “Shaw’s Economic and Political Dictators: Leadership and its Alternatives in The Millionairess


  • Debra Clem, Fine Arts, “Representational Oil Painting on Dibond”
  • Carl E. and Mary Kagin Kramer, History, “Public History in Action”
  • Rebekkah Meixner-Hanks, Theatre, “Scenic Design: Creating the Worlds of Mamma Mia and Newsies on Stage”
  • Deborah Mink, Jacque Singleton, and Cathy Johnson, Education, “Active Learning in Teacher Education for 200 Years and Beyond”
  • Donna Stallard, Fine Arts, “IUS Bicentennial Stained Glass Window”
  • Alan Zollman, Sumreen Asim, Faye Camahalan, Doyin Coker-Kolo, Jame Hollenbeck, Gary Pinkston, Sridar Ramacandran, Education, “Growing Tomorrow’s STEM Teachers”