The History of Psychology in Europe and the UK

The History of Psychology in Europe and the UK

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Program Organization

  • On-line course preparation with travel to Austria, England, Germany and Scotland June 20, 2020–July 11, 2020 to visit cities and sites associated with the history of psychology, along with outdoor cultural expeditions
  • IU Alumni Bicentennial Reception in London on June 21, 2020
  • Program director Deborah Miller, Psychology
  • 12 students
  • IU East-Administered program

Academic Program

  • 3 credits of PSY-P 390: History of Psychology in Europe


Small hostels


You may apply if you:

  • have at least sophomore standing and making normal academic progress
  • have completed PSY-P103
  • have approximately a 2.75 cumulative GPA


Estimated Costs

  • Fees paid to IU* (round-trip airfare, distance education fee, room, some meals, in-country transportation, excursions and health insurance)
  • Indiana resident $4,257 + 3 credits tuition
  • Nonresident $4,257 + 3 credits tuition

*Fees include special subsidy provided by the Office of the Bicentennial

Note: Airfare is included. Scholarships are available.