Norwegian History and Culture

Norwegian History and Culture

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Program Organization

  • 3 IUB sessions in April, 3 online meetings in June and 2 weeks of travel (June 13, 2020–June 29, 2020) to explore Norwegian landscape, history, culture and language through hiking, train and boat travel
  • Program director Gergana May, Germanic Studies and a graduate assistant
  • 10-15 IU students
  • IUB College-Administered Program

Academic Program

  • 3 credits of GER-E 362, Topic: Norwegian History and Culture (COLL CASE A&H and COLL CASE GCC)


Small hostels


You may apply if you:

  • have had at least one semester at IU
  • are an undergraduate degree candidate making normal academic progress
  • have a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • are physically prepared to complete a moderately difficult hike in the mountains

Note: Priority given to students pursuing a Minor in Norwegian

Estimated Costs

  • Fees paid to IU* (room, some meals, in-country transportation, excursions, health insurance)
  • Indiana resident $1,800 + tuition
  • Nonresident $1,800 + tuition

*Fees include special subsidy provided by the Office of the Bicentennial

Note: Airfare, personal expenses additional. Scholarships are available.