IU Historical Marker Program

Identifying areas of historical significance

Modeled after the state of Indiana’s historical marker program and many successful municipal programs, the Indiana University Historical Marker Program noted significant people, places, events, and organizations that have had an extraordinary impact on the university, state, nation, and world. The markers were installed during the Bicentennial Era.

The markers are visually appealing and were installed on campus and at off-campus heritage sites where appropriate.

During the Bicentennial, the Indiana University Historical Marker Program was  directed by James Capshew, University Historian.

Installed State Historical Markers

Historical Marker Committee

This committee was appointed by the University Historian and was comprised of approximately 15 voting faculty members and five ex officio members who assisted the University Historian with evaluating nominations, conducting research, determining historical marker locations, and writing historical marker text.

Past Members

  • Simon Atkinson, Vice Chancellor for Research, IUPUI
  • Gerald Bepko, IUPUI Chancellor Emeritus
  • Bob Barrows, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, IUPUI
  • Bonnie Brownlee, Professor Emeritus, Media School, IUB
  • James Capshew, University Historian (Chair)
  • Linda Fariss, Director, Law Library, IUB
  • Patrick Furlong, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, IUSB
  • Paul Helmke, Director, Civic Leaders Center SPEA, IUB
  • DeLoice Holliday, Multicultural Outreach Librarian, Neal Marshal Black Culture Center, IUB
  • James Madison, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, IUB
  • Dick McKaig, Dean of Students Retired, IUB
  • Joanne Passet, Professor, School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, IUB
  • Anya Peterson Royce, Chancellors' Professor, Anthropology
  • William Plater, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Public Affairs, Philanthropy, and English, IUPUI
  • Jack Tharp, Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Emeritus, IUK