IU K-12 Initiative

CitizIN App

In 2017, the Indiana General Assembly passed Senate Enrolled Act 29, which mandated that Indiana schools offer an Indiana studies elective course in high school. To support this new high school course, the IU Center on Representative Government, IU Office of the Bicentennial, and their partners will create CitizIN. CitizIN is a free digital interactive app about the history, government, geography, economics, and people of Indiana.  The app will rely on primary source materials such as photographs, documents, court cases, political cartoons, maps and other items available through the Lilly Library, Indiana State Archives, Indiana Historical Bureau, Geography Educators' Network (GENI), Library of Congress, and other institutions with Indiana materials. Indiana University and its faculty, students, and alumni play a central role in the history of Indiana and the nation; a number of primary sources will recognize, celebrate, and document the University’s history.  The ultimate mission of CitizIN is to increase Hoosier student interest and knowledge about their state and inspire engagement as citizens; and to provide high-quality instructional tools and professional development for educators statewide.

Elizabeth Osborn, Project Director, IU Center on Representative Government (Chair)
Valerie Pena, Assist Vice President for Government Relations, IUB
Gary Mills, Director of Education and New Media, IU Center on Representative Government
James Madison, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, IU
S. Chandler Lighty, Director, Indiana Historical Bureau
Jim Corridan, Director and State Archivist, Indiana Archives and Records Administration
Andrew Smith, President, Indiana Council for the Social Studies
Kathy Lamb Kozenski, Executive Director, Geographic Educators network of Indiana
Alex Cuenca, Assistant Professor, School of Education, IUB
Lance Mason, Professor, School of Education, IUK
Lonnie Gill, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Education, IUPUI
Andrew Nelson, Founder and Production Lead, Half Full Nelson
Candace Dodson, Indiana Department of Education
James Totton, Teacher, Ben Davis High School
Andrea Neal, Teacher, St. Richard’s Episcopal School