Health and Wellness

Stephen L. Boehm II

Professor of psychology in the School of Science at IUPUI

Specific topics:  Addictive Behaviors,  Alcohol abuse,  Cannabis/Marijuana,  Drug abuse

Virginia A. Caine

Associate professor of medicine in the IU School of Medicine

Specific topics: Adult wellness, Infant and mother well-being, Opioid crisis in Indiana, Overall health status of Indiana counties or the state, Status of the HIV/AIDS outbreak in Indiana, Truths and myths about immunization

W. Graham Carlos

Associate professor of clinical medicine in the IU School of Medicine

Specific topics:  Burnout,  Depression & Suicide,  Positivity,  Resiliency

Aaron E. Carroll

Associate dean for research mentoring and professor of pediatrics in the IU School of Medicine; director of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute's Career Development, Education and Research Training Program; and vice president for faculty development at the Regenstrief Institute

Specific topics:  Health care policy, Health research & journalism,  Nutrition

Robert M. Einterz

Associate dean for global health, the Donald E. Brown Professor of Global Health, professor of clinical medicine and director of the Indiana University Center for Global Health in the IU School of Medicine

Specific topics:  Global health, HIV & AIDS,  Universal health coverage

Janine M. Fogel

Assistant professor of clinical family medicine and medical director of the Transgender Health and Wellness Program in the IU School of Medicine

Specific topics:  Gender diversity,  Gender identities,  Safe spaces,  Transgender healthcare

Justin R. Garcia

The Ruth N. Halls Associate Professor of Gender Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences and research director of the Kinsey Institute at IU Bloomington

Specific topics:  Gender and sexuality, Intimacy,  Love,  Romantic relationships,  Sexuality,  Sexual behavior

Richard Gunderman

Chancellor's Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Education, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Philanthropy and Medical Humanities and Health Studies, IUPUI

Specific Topics: Caretaking and caretaker, Human potential and actualization, Radiology and the human body

Jon Kay

Clinical associate professor of folklore and ethnomusicology in the College of Arts and Sciences, director of Traditional Arts Indiana

Specific topics:  Generativity and art,  Successful aging,  Wellness and the arts

E. Angeles Martínez Mier

Professor and chair of cariology, operative dentistry and dental public health in the School of Dentistry at IUPUI

Specific topics:  Dentistry,  IU & dental health, IU & fluoride toothpaste

Paul M. Wallach

Executive associate dean for educational affairs and institutional improvement, the Dolores and John Read Professor of Medical Education and professor of medicine in the IU School of Medicine

Specific topics:  Medical school education,  Physician burnout