Bicentennial Publication & Media Series

Bicentennial Publication and Media Series

Drawing on a range of media types, including digital and print books, newspaper columns, social media videos, documentaries and television programs, the IU Bicentennial Publication and Media Series focuses on two objectives. First, leading up to and including the 2019-2020 academic year, its publications and media will spark interest in and celebrate two centuries of Indiana University history, achievements, challenges, and legacy. Second, beyond the Bicentennial, the series is intended to provide a long-term venue for research, publishing, and promoting the history and legacy of IU.

Indiana University throughout its history has meant many things to many people, confronted a host of challenges, capitalized on a plethora of opportunities, and enriched and affected the world in myriad ways. Many stories can be told and much research can be shared about the university; capturing such lightning in a bottle is a key strategic initiative for the series. Projects in development will be grouped into the following six themes:

Singular Voices

Indiana University has directly enriched the lives of faculty, students, staff, and philanthropists; in turn, the university has immensely benefitted from the support and diverse perspectives and experiences of those who, individually and collectively, have been drawn to the campus for the past two centuries. Their stories will be a part of this theme.

Enduring Legacies

The history and impact of the university as a whole come into the spotlight here. Publications and media that fall into this category tell the story of Indiana University and explore its impact in broad strokes, focusing on swaths of history and wide-ranging effects.

Vital Research

For two centuries, Indiana University has sponsored distinguished, pioneering research in several academic disciplines. Media and publications on this theme will include special Bicentennial reprint editions of landmark, out-of-print works by IU faculty.

Storied Institutions

Individual departments, institutes, schools, centers, and other campus institutions have long played a crucial role in pioneering research, excellence in teaching, and advancing the university's interests. Publications and media tell such histories by drawing upon both archival resources and oral histories.

Legendary Sports

Sports are an enduring way that alumni, staff, students, and faculty express passion for their university. Media and publications on Indiana University athletics will include histories of particular sports and teams, stories of notable athletes and coaches, and accounts of memorable games and seasons.

Treasured Holdings

These include publications and media that highlight or inventory the collections of a campus museum or archive. 

Call for Proposals

The deadline for submissions to the Bicentennial Publication and Media Series was October 20, 2017. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting submissions.


  • Jay Kincaid, Director of Facilities and Technology, Media School, IUB (Co-Chair)
  • Gary Dunham, Director, Indiana University Press (Co-Chair)
  • Peggy Solic, Bicentennial Publications Project Manager, Indiana University Press
  • Jennifer Currell, Bicentennial Media Series Project Manager, Office of the Bicentennial