Indiana University Bloomington

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Amid the gently rolling hills of southern Indiana is one of America's most beautiful college campuses. Rich in architectural tradition, harmonious in building scale and materials, and comfortably nestled in a picturesque natural environment, Indiana University Bloomington stands as a testament to careful campus planning and committed stewardship.

Planning principles adopted in the earliest stages of campus development have been protected, enhanced, and faithfully preserved, resulting in an institution that can truly be called America's Legacy Campus.

Lavishly illustrated with 481 photographs and brimming with fascinating details, this book tells the story of that campus―a tale not only of Indiana University's buildings, architecture, and growth, but of the talented, dedicated people who brought the buildings to life.

Book title(s): Indiana University Bloomington: America's Legacy Campus

Author(s): J. Terry Clapacs with Susan Moke, Dina Kellams, and Carrie Schwier

Event type: Book signing 

Date: May 21, 2018 

Location: Willard Office Complex, Washington, D.C.

Attendance: 35