Bicentennial Time Capsule Program

Leaving a footprint for future generations

With the Bicentennial Celebratory Year of 2019-2020 fast approaching, the Indiana University Office of the Bicentennial would like to get your input on the contents for our Bicentennial Time Capsules. During the Spring 2020 semester, each campus will dedicate a time capsule that captures its unique essence. We are looking for suggestions from students, faculty, staff, and alumni for items that could be included in these time capsules. This project will conclude with the sealing of the time capsules on each campus. The capsules will be opened in 2120 as a part of IU's Tricentennial Celebration.

Submit an item for the time capsule

Project Director and Committee

  • Angel Nathan, IU Bicentennial Assistant Project Manager (Project Director)
  • Ken Baierl, IU South Bend Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Justin Clark, IU Kokomo Alumni
  • Della Cook, IU Bloomington Department of Anthropology
  • Mackenzie Damon, IU Kokomo Alumni
  • J. T. Douglas, IU Southeast Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving
  • Moira A. Dyczko, IU South Bend Director of Alumni Relations and Campus Ceremonies
  • Patrick Furlong, IU South Bend Campus Historian, Professor Emeritus of History
  • Michael Griffin, IU Northwest Alumni
  • Sarah Heath, IU Kokomo Campus Historian, Chair of History, Political Science, and Philosophy, Associate Professor of History
  • Chase Howard, IU Southeast Bicentennial Intern
  • Dina Kellams, Director, Indiana University Archives
  • Elizabeth Kryder-Reid, IUPUI Department of Anthropology
  • Cynthia Lipken, IU Kokomo Library Departmental Secretary and Outreach Coordinator
  • Kathy Malone, IU Northwest Director of Executive Administration Office of the Chancellor
  • Phil Mark, IU South Bend Alumni
  • Maureen Muldoon, IU South Bend Special Events Coordinator
  • Paul Mullins, IUPUI Department of Anthropology
  • Dylan Rawles, IU Kokomo Alumni
  • Candace Rhodes, IU Kokomo Office of Student Success and Advising
  • Danielle Roeske, IU Northwest Student
  • Jeannie Segar, IUPUI Alumni
  • Khalilah Shabazz, Director of IUPUI Multicultural Center
  • Scott Shoger, IU South Bend Campus Archivist
  • Kristen Snoddy, IU Kokomo Senior Lecturer in English
  • Elizabeth South, IU East Library, Coordinator for User Services & Archives
  • Stephen Towne, IUPUI Campus Historian and Associate University Archivist
  • Regina Turner, IUPUI Alumni
  • Cris Vanderkolk, IU Kokomo Student
  • James VanderVeen, IU South Bend, Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
  • Stephanie Varble, IU Southeast Alumni
  • Emily Vetne, IU Bloomington Bicentennial Intern
  • Stephan Viehweg, IU School of Social Work, Associate Director of the Riley Child Development Center
  • Andrea Walton, IU Bloomington Campus Historian, IU School of Education
  • Allison Wheeler, IUPUI Associate Director for Residence Life, Academic Initiatives, and Residential Curriculum
  • Terry Wiesehan, IU East Director of Alumni Relations
  • Timothy Willig, IU South Bend Chair of the History Department, Associate of Professor of History
  • Todd Wilson, IUPUI Alumni