IU Kokomo


IU Kokomo


A copy of the favorite things to do when not on campus poll

An IUK t-shirt

An IUK pop socket

A doll of Kingston or a Cougar

An IUK Map

Photo of IUK's sports/event center (under construction) or a program from the groundbreaking

A Campus ID card with photo of Kingston Cougar on it

An IUK planner

Letters from chancellor, mayor, trustee, student leaders

An IUK lanyard

A Stainless steel straw

An IUK flag or pennant

Photos of all campus buildings as they looked in 2019/2020

An aerial photo of campus

A map to indicate communities, states, and nations our students come from

Photos of various student organizations

A photo of entering class in fall 2019

Screen grabs of social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, preferably featuring #myiuk)

Tri-fold schedule of sports at IUK (fall and spring)

Uniform or clothing from IUK team/s

USB with apps, photos, information about IUK, and popular music

Time Capsule Committee

Cynthia Lipken, IU Kokomo Library Departmental Secretary and Outreach Coordinator
Justin Clark, IU Kokomo Alumni
Mackenzie Damon, IU Kokomo Alumni
Sarah Heath, IU Kokomo Campus Historian, Chair of History, Political Science, and Philosophy, Associate Professor of History
Dylan Rawles, IU Kokomo Alumni
Candace Rhodes, IU Kokomo Office of Student Success and Advising
Kristen Snoddy, IU Kokomo Senior Lecturer in English
Cris Vanderkolk, IU Kokomo Student