IU South Bend


IU South Bend


Letters to the IU South Bend students in 2120 written by student leaders/groups

Photos including images of campus buildings and key moments in IU South Bend’s history and submissions collected from students asked to submit one appropriate photo representing their time at IU South Bend. Submit a photo!

Current issues of The Preface and the South Bend Tribune

A reproduction of the first issue of The Preface

Copies of Wolfson Press and PubHub publications, beginning with A Campus Becoming and including others as space and availability allow

Most recent copy of the following student journals: Analecta, New Views on Gender, Undergraduate Research Journal, Undergraduate Research Journal of History, Graduate Research Journal

Most recent copy of school and university periodicals, including Aspire, Foundations, Currents and annual reports

A campus map and other brochures and promotional materials on IU South Bend

Copies of Dean’s Lists from 2018-19

Programs from 2019 Awards Nights and Commencement

Syllabuses from classes taught by Trustees Teaching Awards winners

A CD of Grammy winning American Dreamers: Voices of Hope, signed by two participants from IU South Bend

A signed varsity team photos or rosters

Copies of IUSB branded items including recently redesigned stickers, a t-shirt, swag from admissions packet for incoming students, a tooth-shaped stress ball from dental education, and a license plate from 1991-92 celebration of IU South Bend’s silver anniversary

Items representing everyday campus life

A parking hang tag

A Sodexo comment card

If possible, preserved samples of campus flowers and leaves, or honeycomb from campus bees

Graduation paraphernalia, including caps decorated by students, tassels representing various groups, including schools or Black/Latino Student Union, community related items, menus from local restaurants that are hangouts for IUSB students: Oaken Bucket, Macadoos, China House, Allie’s, Jeannie’s Corner, presidential political pins from incumbent and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a keychain or pen from Studebaker museum, and a South Bend Cubs program

Time Capsule Committee

Ken Baierl, IU South Bend Director of Communications and Marketing
Moira A. Dyczko, IU South Bend Director of Alumni Relations and Campus Ceremonies
Patrick Furlong, IU South Bend Campus Historian, Professor Emeritus of History
Phil Mark, IU South Bend Alumni
Maureen Muldoon, IU South Bend Special Events Coordinator
Scott Shoger, IU South Bend Campus Archivist
James VanderVeen, IU South Bend, Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Timothy Willig, IU South Bend Chair of the History Department, Associate of Professor of History