IU Southeast


IU Southeast


An iPhone

A copy of the alumni Magazine

Copies of campus photos from the beginning to 2020

A photo of the class of 2020

A 2020 list of classes

A 2020 Campus budget

An Acorn Story

A copy of News & Tribune papers

Photos of current & past Chancellors

Video message with iPad etc. from current student, faculty, and staff

A current list of item prices

A letter from a student

A campus map

A letter from faculty/staff

A couple pieces of today’s currency

The story of Gus the Grenadier

Oral history project files

A % Rain T-shirt

A master key to buildings

Photo of lodge rooms

A gift card

Facebook and Twitter messages

An IU Southeast t-shirt

A copy of a show programs/playbills

A Crimson Card

Time Capsule Committee

J.T. Douglas, IU Southeast Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving
Chase Howard, IU Southeast Bicentennial Intern
Stephanie Varble, IU Southeast Alumni