IU Bloomington


IU Bloomington


A pair of candy-striped slacks

An athletic department calendar

A copy of the book Being Lucky

A DVD of Peter Yate’s Breaking Away

A copy of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Stardust”

A 3D print of one of the dolphins from Showalter Fountain

A Crest toothpaste box

A Little 500 ticket

Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female by Alfred Kinsey

A logo from Dance Marathon

A cup from Nick’s

A Hoosier Flag

An item which represents the squirrels on campus

A program from Parsifal

Indiana University Bloomington America's Legacy Campus by Terry Clapacs

A list of student organizations on campus

A list of new schools and new buildings/recent major renovations

Information related to the Bridging the Visibility Gap project

A program from the Elinor Ostrom historical marker dedication

A copy of the newspaper article about the Thomas Hart Benton murals in Woodburn Hall 100 and the removed tiles in the Intramural Sports Center

Time Capsule Committee

Della Cook, IU Bloomington Department of Anthropology
Dina Kellams, Director, Indiana University Archives
Angel Nathan, IU Bicentennial Assistant Project Manager (Project Director)
Andrea Walton, IU Bloomington Campus Historian, IU School of Education