Bicentennial Traveling Exhibit

Learn about how IU has impacted the state

Following consultation with Indiana University, Indiana University’s traveling exhibit is currently unavailable due to the rapidly evolving situation with Coronavirus COVID-19. We hope to relaunch the exhibit in August 2020.

This interactive exhibit explores IU's impact on the state. The exhibit features content from each campus in various mediums, including virtual reality, 3D prints, and physical objects from IU's collections, videos, and historic images. Don't miss this big red bus when it visits your community!

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All for You features four main sections that explore the impact that Indiana University has had on the state of Indiana: IU is all around, IU is knowledge, IU is community, and IU serves you. Each section features items from IU’s collections, historical images, and an interactive touch screen with several videos.

These sections are supported by two additional portions that feature 3D print models and two virtual reality headsets.

IU is all around

This section details how the people, ideas, and innovations of IU are a part of the fabric of Indiana.

IU is knowledge

This part of the exhibit delves into how IU has shaped our understanding in the areas of medicine, health, human behavior, education, astronomy, and natural sciences.

IU is community

IU campuses have been central places for citizens to come together to embrace their favorite teams, take in world-class arts, learn about history and culture, and be part of one community.

IU serves you

IU has its most creative minds working to make your community and the world a better place. In this section you can explore IU’s economic impact on Indiana and how it has affected the globe.

In the supporting sections, guests can view 3D replicas of Showalter Fountain, a Megalonyx jeffersonii fossil, and the Old Oaken Bucket. Virtual reality experiences include tours of IU’s campuses across the state and unique places where IU conducts research such as underwater shipwrecks.

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