Nasser H. Paydar Remarks

Nasser H. Paydar, Chancellor, IUPUI

Greetings from the Campuses
“Celebrating 200 Years of People at Indiana University”

Thank you, President McRobbie. It is an honor to represent the IUPUI campus of Indiana University on this auspicious occasion.

This year, we are celebrating 200 years of excellence in research and education at IU.

I want to take a moment for us to think about those 200 years.

Think about all that has happened on the campuses of Indiana University in those two centuries: 200 years of discoveries, of technological innovation—the automobile, the airplane, the computer, the cell phone . . . I think some of you might be checking your phones right now. . . .

200 years of teaching—of changing lives and of saving lives. Most important, 200 years of people.

Tens of thousands of people have made this university thrive for centuries. They have dedicated their careers and their lives to Indiana University because they love and believe in its values and its mission. Looking around this morning, I can see that such people are filling this magnificent auditorium.

How do I recognize you? Because I am one of you.

I am proud to count myself among those who have spent their entire careers at Indiana University.

I joined IU in 1985 right after I finished my Ph.D. program at Syracuse University.

I have been privileged to serve this university ever since as a faculty member, as an administrator, and as chancellor of TWO IU campuses for the past 34 years.

I join those tens of thousands of people who celebrate not just the great history of Indiana University but the future this institution is helping to build by educating the next generation and preparing to solve problems we have yet to imagine.

Of course, I am supposed to talk about IUPUI while I am at the podium:

• About the fact that our presence in Indianapolis dates back to 1891 when IU first taught courses in the state capital;
• About the cutting-edge research we conduct with partners around the world;
• About our 30,000 students and our record freshman class this year;
• About our commitment to diversity and inclusion with over a third of that freshman class being students of color.

I could talk all day about IUPUI. We are a proud campus of Indiana University.

But today, I want to celebrate the people of this university, the faculty, staff, and students who have given life, breath, and substance to the values of this great institution.

I want to congratulate Indiana University leaders, past and present.

President McRobbie, you in particular have honored the achievements of the past, risen to the challenges of the present, and carried this university on your shoulders towards the future.

Congratulations on this great milestone and thank you all very much.