Cindy Simon Skjodt

Philanthropist, Member of the Board of Directors, Indiana University Foundation

Greetings from the Foundation

Thank you President McRobbie for your kind words and for the invitation to speak today on behalf of the Foundation. I am honored to stand here before this group and sing the praises of Indiana University; I’ll find it difficult to be short and sweet, but I will be brief.

I am proud to sit on the Board of Directors of this great university. I am always pleased to see the far reaching and positive effects our decisions have on the students, alumni and staff. When I was a student on the Bloomington campus back in the seventies; I never dreamed then that I would be in a position of Philanthropic Leadership and have means & influence to transform the iconic Assembly Hall, or become involved in the numerous campaigns for IUPUI and the IU Riley Hospital, and the Herron School of Art, and the Hillel Center, and the Lilly School of Philanthropy. Literally every project I have been asked to become involved with has been a true pleasure and experience I will always take great pride in. My tenure on the IU Board of Directors has also allowed me the opportunity to sit alongside distinguished and honorable board members that contribute ideals to further the reputation & growth of this respected university.

My love and commitment to this institution has never been a secret. My mind and heart are flooded with wonderful memories every time I visit the campus. The education and preparation for adulthood that I received at IU is unsurpassed.

I am very grateful for the student relationships, the professors, the enduring friendships, and my mentors; whom many are still in my life today. Fortunately, my three children graduated IU, along with 19 other family members. When you learn to appreciate the world class education you get from Indiana University and give this institution credit for your success, then you simply have to give-back. It doesn’t have to be huge amounts of financial support. Every campaign commitment, donation, or future pledge holds equal importance, no matter the size. Every committee or board assignment you have a chance to sit-on opens the doors to effect the lives of future students and alumni alike. Trust me when I say you will never regret your loyalty, time given, and commitment to this great institution.

I know I never tire of boasting and praising Indiana University anytime I’m called upon. As I say a lot when I speak…..if you love this University and you are in a position to contribute, then you simply have to give back, whether big or small.

Thank you!