Michael J. Mirro Remarks

Michael J. Mirro, Chair, Trustees of Indiana University

Greetings from the Trustees

On behalf of the Trustees (both past and present) we want to welcome all of you to the Indiana University Bicentennial Celebration.

This is truly a momentous event in the history of the University and we like to join all of you in celebrating the magnificent accomplishments of one of the greatest public Universities in the world.

This has been only achieved with the tireless efforts of the dedicated and talented Faculty and Staff over 200 years. The history of gifted leadership of the University continues to exceed expectations under the President McRobbie who is now legendary.

The role of the Trustees over time has been vital in guiding the University on this path– particularly during difficult times and transitions. We know this will continue into the future.

We all thank you for attending–God Bless all of you and IU.