Suzanne Crouch Remarks

Lieutenant Governor, State of Indiana

Greetings from the State


Thank you President McRobbie, for your kind introduction and for the invitation to be here today for this celebration. So let me start by saying congratulations on 200 years.

Impact of IU

When I think about Indiana and what it means to be a Hoosier – I can’t help but think of IU. 

As one of the oldest public universities in the nation, you have enriched the lives of so many not only right here in Bloomington, but throughout the entire state, country and now even the world. 

From being at the forefront of using artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems with Big Red 200 – the fastest university-owned supercomputer in the nation…. 

…to tackling the opioid addiction crisis in Indiana head on by leading one of the nation’s biggest and most complete state-based responses… 

…to creating the BotSlayer technology that instantly detects fake social media accounts that are seeking to spread false information to the public… 

…And this all is just the tip of the iceberg… 

You have and I know will continue to play an important role in so many different facets of our lives, economies and communities. 

Not only are you preparing students to be job-ready and actively participate in the workforce, but you also are providing them with an experience that inspires lifelong learning and creates better citizens for tomorrow. 

You have made such an impact on the state by showing students from around the world all that Indiana has to offer. 

And I must say…you even make this Purdue Boilermaker very proud to say – Go Hoosiers! 


Congratulations again on your Bicentennial year. I cannot wait to see what your third century brings. 

God bless you, God bless Indiana, God bless our United States!