Two hundred years and counting...

The Indiana University Bicentennial is a multi-year, multi-campus program that is academically driven, historically grounded, intellectually stimulating, and enjoyable. Through focused study and criticism, reflection, celebration, and documentation, the Bicentennial will demonstrate how Indiana University has served as a “people’s university.” The Program will include a dynamic series of Bicentennial Signature Projects complemented by activities stemming from individuals, departments, schools, and campuses.

The Goals of the IU Bicentennial are:

  • Celebrate and recognize
  • Chronicle, document, and explore
  • Inspire and engage

Moments in IU history

a black and white photo of a group of men and women raising their fists in the air.

LGBTQ+ History


Indiana University students founded the Bloomington Gay Liberation Front in 1970. Formed the year after the infamous Stonewall Riots in New York City that helped launch the larger gay rights movement, this IU group acted in as an activists and social organization. This timeline provides an overview of the gay rights movement and LGBTQ+ organizations at IU. Indiana University Archives.

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A red metal bridge over a river displaying the words Indiana University South Bend in white letters.

IU South Bend


IU first offered extension classes in South Bend for the 1915–16 school year at the cost of $6. In 1965, the IU Board of Trustees granted the South Bend campus the authority to offer bachelor degrees, with the first class of students graduating in 1967. This blog provides a brief history of IU South Bend from the 1910s through 2010s. Indiana University Archives.

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The program begins now

In December 2014, the IU Board of Trustees approved the Bicentennial Strategic Plan—a visionary, comprehensive and wide-ranging plan to prepare IU for its next century of greatness and beyond. This plan was complemented by the aligned plans of campuses, schools, departments, and other units. And in September 2015, the public phase of the For All: The Bicentennial Campaign for Indiana University was launched. At $2.5 billion it is IU’s largest campaign ever and its first all-campus campaign.

In January 2016, IU President Michael A. McRobbie charged a 30-member university-wide Steering Committee to develop a set of recommendations concerning how IU should celebrate its Bicentennial both in the period leading up to the Bicentennial year and in the year itself. The Steering Committee’s Report was endorsed by the IU Board of Trustees in June 2016.

The Office of the Bicentennial launched projects and events in fall 2016. The 2019–20 academic year is designated as the official Bicentennial year. Additional Legacy Projects will extend the Bicentennial into our Third Century.

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