Bicentennial Speakers Bureau

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There is tremendous interest in the Indiana University Bicentennial. As a result, the Office of the Bicentennial makes speakers available for qualifying events and organizations.

Speakers are able to speak in depth about Bicentennial topics and provide accurate information about Indiana University’s past, present, and future.

Our speakers include:

Kelly Kish, Director, Office of the Bicentennial

  • General IU history
  • President William Lowe Bryan
  • Special topics upon request

Jeremy Hackerd, Project Manager, Office of the Bicentennial

  • IU Bicentennial programs
  • The founding of IU and the original campus

J. Terry Clapacs, Vice President Emeritus, IU Bloomington

  • Indiana University Bloomington: America’s Legacy Campus author discussion
  • IU Bloomington campus development
  • Limestone, Landscape, and Leadership

Gerardo Gonzalez, Dean Emeritus, School of Education, IU Bloomington

  • People to People Stories from Gerardo Gonzalez, IU's Ambassador to Cuba
  • A Cuban Refugee's Journey to the American Dream: A Well House Book Readings and Discussions
  • To You, the Immigrant: Unsolicited Advice to Immigrants, Refugees and Other Life Voyagers Trying to Fit In
  • The Power of Education: A First Generation College Student Story
  • The Research University and Its Curriculum: Where do the Liberal Arts Fit In?

James Capshew, University Historian

  • General IU history
  • President Herman B Wells
  • IUB campus design
  • Psychological and Brain Sciences Department
  • Historians of IU
  • Special topics upon request

Sarah Heath, Associate Professor of History, IU Kokomo

  • IUK history
  • 20th century social and cultural history
  • Women’s history
  • World War II

William H. Schneider, Professor of History, IUPUI

  • “Out of Many, One” or how IU became the only medical school in Indiana (until a few years ago)
  • “The History of the IU School of Medicine, Part I,” or why the medical school isn’t in Bloomington
  • “The History of the IU School of Medicine, Part II,” or how the medical school dramatically changed the way it serves the state and beyond since the 1960s

Elizabeth Gritter, Assistant Professor of History, IU Southeast

  • IU Southeast
  • Oral History

Frances Yates, Director of Library and Campus Historian, and Elizabeth South, Archivist, IU East

  • IUE student and faculty research and creative products
  • IUE athletics
  • IUE campus life
  • IUE community engagement
  • IUE campus-community arts connection
  • IUE highlights from the collection of oral histories that have been produced as part of the IU Bicentennial

Carey Beam, Director, Wylie House

  • President Andrew Wylie
  • History of the Wylie House and Historic House Museums
  • Teaching with archives
  • Integrating museums into the campus curriculum
  • Role of academic museums
  • Place-based education with campus museums and archives
  • Motherhood in the 19th Century
  • Mid-America domestic life of the 19th Century

Steve McShane, Co-director and Archivist, Calumet Regional Archives, IU Northwest

  • An Overview of the Calumet Regional Archives, Indiana University Northwest
  • Indiana’s Calumet Region: An Ethnic and Racial Mixing Bowl
  • Moonlight in Duneland: A History of the 1920s South Shore Line Railroad Marketing Campaign (about the South Shore Poster Series)
  • Steelmakers and Steeltowns of Lake County, Indiana

Patrick Furlong, Professor Emeritus of History and Campus Historian, IU South Bend

  • Overview of IU history from 1820 to the present
  • Herman B Wells, IU’s real hero
  • IU v. Purdue, or the tragedy of Public Higher Education in Indiana
  • Gloriana, Frangipana: Translate and Explain, If Possible
  • IU’s Regional Campuses, Strange Beasts Indeed
  • Indiana University South Bend, a Neglected Cousin of Mother IU?

Richard Gunderman, Chancellor's Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Education, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Philanthropy and Medical Humanities and Health Studies, IUPUI

  • Lessons for professionals from Herman B Wells
  • James Watson and the double helix
  • Otis Bowen, physician and public servant
  • Hoagy Carmichael, lawyer, composer, and James Bond
  • Jimmy Wales and the genius of Wikipedia

Judith Allen, Walter Professor, Department of History, IU Bloomington

  • Seventy Years of Kinsey Institute History
  • The Only Sex Library of Size in the World, Making the Kinsey Institute Library and Special Collections
  • Alfred C. Kinsey on the Medicalization of Sexuality, 1938-1956
  • Writing the 1948 and 1953 Kinsey Reports: Issues and Controversies

Dina Kellams, Director of University Archives and Associate Librarian, IU Libraries, IU Bloomington

  • IU Student Life
  • IU Bloomington Places and Spaces
  • IU Women

The Office of the Bicentennial will endeavor to cover most of the costs for providing a speaker. Events that may require significant travel may be requested to assist with accommodations and trip reimbursements.

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