Historical Timelines

Indiana University historical timelines

The IU Bicentennial is more than just a celebration for IU—it is a time of reflection. IU Bicentennial Interns have been researching the people and places of IU’s history and they have created these historical timelines with rich archival sources. This page will be updated as new Interns complete their research projects.

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A sepia-toned photo of the main building on the Seminary Square campus


Seminary Square

Trace the history of IU’s original campus from the 1800s through the present day. 

See how the campus transformed
A sepia-toned photo of a group of women in dark skirts and white shirts playing basketball.


Women’s Basketball

See how women’s basketball developed at IU from the 1890s through 1972.

Explore women’s basketball
a black and white photo of a group of men and women raising their fists in the air.


LGBTQ+ History

See how LGBTQ+ organizations at IU Bloomington evolved in relation to important national events that affected gay rights.

See the evolution
A couple dressed in military uniforms passes through a human arch formed by military people touching swords together in the air.


IU and the U.S. Military

Follow IU's participation in the United States Military from the War of 1812 through the Iraq War that began in 2003.

Follow IU's U.S. military history
A black and white portrait of President Wylie


Indiana University Presidents 1829-2017

Explore an overview of each presidential tenure and see the buildings and other places that have been named after them.

See how the presidents shaped IU
Mitchell Hall, 1896


Bloomington School of Public Health, Volume 1

Follow the evolution of the school from a program in 1890 to the IU School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation in 1946.

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Mitchell Hall, 1896


The Bloomington Music Scene

Bloomington, Indiana has a storied music history. Trace its development and the stars that emerged as a result.

See how music shaped Bloomington
1961 August 10


Bloomington School of Public Health, Volume 2

The story continues with the HPER opening, developing its curriculum, and celebrating its silver anniversary.

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HPER 50th anniversary, 1995


Bloomington School of Public Health, Volume 3

HPER's story continues as it becomes the state's first school to have a Master's of Public Health degree, and the nation's first school to offer a doctorate in Health and Safety Education.

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Hunt Hall, IU Kokomo, 2014


A History of Indiana University Kokomo

From its beginning in 1932, IU Kokomo has seen student growth, improved facilities, and additions to its campus—up through 2016 when $14 million in renovations and construction brought it into the 21st century.

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Richard Nixon, right, autographs a book for an IU Bloomington student on October 17, 1965, while campaigning on campus.


IU and The American Presidency

President William Taft, President Dwight Eisenhower, a campaigning Richard Nixon, and a campaigning Robert Kennedy. These are just some of the connections to the United States presidency that IU has had throughout the decades.

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Hunt Hall, IU Kokomo, 2014


History of Indiana University East

Examine the history of Indiana University East, Indiana University's sixth regional campus. Read more about IU East