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Graduate Assistants

  • Bre Anne Briskey
  • Ellie Kaverman
  • Pooja Saxena
  • Jennifer Watkins

Moments in IU history

IU Auditorium


In 1939, the IU Auditorium was in the early stages of construction. Built as a Federal Works Agency Project in an Art Deco style and opened in 1941, the Auditorium is home to Thomas Hart Benton’s “Century of Progress” murals, the priceless Dailey Family Memorial Collection of Hoosier Art, two Robert Laurent sculptures, and the Indiana University Auditorium Organ.

Sieberling Kingston Mansion


The Seiberling Kingston Mansion was purchased by IU Kokomo in 1947. Built in 1889, the house is a mixture of Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival styles. Classes were taught there until 1964 when IU Kokomo moved to its current location. It is now the home of the Howard County Museum and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Current Bicentennial Interns

NameGraduating YearTopic of Internship ProjectInternship Semester
Greg Blandford2019Bicentennial race, IUNSpring 2019
AJ Boyd2021Faculty governanceSpring 2019
Emma Coates2019Bicentennial race, IUBSpring 2019
Jenna Fattah2019Video researchSpring 2019, Fall 2018, Summer 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Elizabeth George2020Bicentennial race, IUESpring 2019
Camille Greenwell2020Bicentennial race, IUSSpring 2019
Emily Harsh2020Bicentennial race, IUKSpring 2019
Chase Howard2020Bicentennial race, IUSSpring 2019
Alexis Johnson2021Bicentennial race, IUSBSpring 2019
Sky Kaur2020Bicentennial race, IUNSpring 2019
Necole Lett2020Bicentennial race, IUPUISpring 2019
Lucas Maurer2020Bicentennial race, IUBSpring 2019
Marissa Moss2019Bicentennial race, IUBSpring 2019
Arielle Pare2021Bridging the visibility gapSpring 2019
Samantha Riley2021Women’s recognition, IUPUISpring 2019, Fall 2018
Brooke Runyon2019Bicentennial race, IUKSpring 2019
Alexandria Ruschman2021IMU exhibitSpring 2019, Fall 2018
Hayden Sims2019Bicentennial signature projectSpring 2019, Fall 2018
Zach Snider2020Bicentennial race, IUSBSpring 2019
Emily Vetne2019Lilly LibrarySpring 2019, Fall 2018
Morgan Weaver2019Bicentennial race, IUESpring 2019
Destiny Willis2021Bicentennial race, IUPUISpring 2019
Pavan Yaddanapudi2021Bicentennial signature projectSpring 2019