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Graduate Assistants

  • Bre Anne Briskey
  • Pooja Saxena

Moments in IU history

1958 IU computer lab

IU uses computers to speed research


In 1958, IU was the first university to combine magnetic tape reading machines with an IBM Tape 650 magnetic drum data-processing machine. The result was a dramatic increase in the speed of the Research Center’s equipment, which had already cut some computations from months to minutes. The Research Computing Center was in the basement of what is today (2015) Swain Hall West. Indiana University Archives.

Tamarack Hall at IU Northwest

IU campus opens in Gary


Tamarack Hall, also known as Gary Main by its first occupants, served as the one and only permanent building on the new Gary Glen Park campus for ten years. Upon opening in May 1959, Tamarack contained all campus facilities: classrooms, laboratories, bookstore, library, cafeteria, administrative and faculty offices, and a 600-seat theater. Indiana University Northwest Library: Calumet Regional Archives.

Current Bicentennial Interns

NameGraduating YearTopic of Internship ProjectInternship Semester
Emily Abshire2019Symposium on Title VISummer 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Melissa Dombrowski2018Riley Children’s Hospital researchSummer 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Jenna Fattah2019Women's recognitionSummer 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Gloria Howell2018African American Arts InstituteSummer 2018
Ellie Kaverman2018Women's recognitionSummer 2018, Fall 2017
Eric Langowski2018Ban on Japanese American students at IU during the 1940sSummer 2018
Asher Lubotzky 2022International studiesSummer 2018, Spring 2018
Shana Pierson2019Photo scanning project, IUPUCSummer 2018, Spring 2018
Coral Regalado-Santos2018Women's recognition, IU KokomoSummer 2018
Alexandra Schrader-Dobris2021Women's recognitionSummer 2018, Spring 2018, Fall 2017
Adam Swiatkowski2020Science of SwimmingSummer 2018
Brittany Yoder2019Culture of community and civic engagement, IU EastSummer 2018
Kira Zahedi2018Women's recognitionSummer 2018