Council of University Historians

Working together to document IU’s history

The Council of University Historians is made up of scholars, archivists, and librarians from eight IU campuses.

The Council collaborates on policy development and best practices related to IU’s historical identity. The Council coordinates research and collaborates with all campuses, units, and local communities to develop curricula to enable students to participate in IU history.

Meet the Council

The Council of University Historians is chaired by the University Historian, James Capshew. Council members are:

  • Patrick J. Furlong, emeritus professor of history (IU South Bend campus historian)
  • Elizabeth Gritter, assistant professor of history and director of Institute for Local and Oral History (IU Southeast campus historian)
  • Sarah Heath, chair of the Department of Sociology, History, and Political Science (IU Kokomo campus historian)
  • Stephen McShane, director of the Calumet Regional Archives (IU Northwest campus historian)
  • Stephen E. Towne, associate university archivist, University Libraries (IUPUI campus historian)
  • Andrea Walton, associate professor of education; associate professor of philanthropic studies (School of Liberal Arts) School of Education (IU Bloomington campus historian)
  • Frances Yates, director of the IU East campus library (IU East campus historian)