Bicentennial Essays and Podcasts

Voices from the IU Bicentennial

This student researched and authored series focused on a variety of unique and interesting historical topics from IU’s history.



Suzanne Knoebel: Ahead of Her Time
Carrie Parker Taylor: IU’s First African American Female Student
Martha Dawson: Education and Research Pioneer
Jane Merrill Ketcham: The “Dean of Indianapolis Women Physicians”
Elizabeth Grossman: Advancing the IU School of Nursing
Alice Fitzgerald: The First Director of the IU School of Nursing
Emily Holmquist: The First Dean of the IU School of Nursing
Ethel Palmer Clarke: Expanding the IU School of Nursing
Frances Rhome: IUPUI’s First Affirmative Action Officer
Florence McMaster: From Librarian to Lawyer
Elinor Ostrom: An Uncommon Scholar
Tamar Althouse: The First Female Graduate of the Indiana University School of Law
Lillian Yeager: Nursing Leadership at IU Southeast
Clare Assue: Psychiatrist and Medical Director
Marjorie Leamnson Stonehill: Promoting Continuing Education
Betty LeBus: The Creation of a Modern Law Library
“IU’s Landlady:” Alice McDonald Nelson and the Evolution of IU’s Residence Halls
Jeannette Matthew: From “Pack Rat” to University Archivist
Mari Evans: The Poetry of a Hoosier Life
Ingeborg Schmidt: “The First Lady of Visual Science”
"A Gentle Revolutionary:" Gloria Kaufman and IUSB's Women's Studies Program
The Creation of Sigma Theta Tau: Nursing Honor Society
Nancy Arnold Roeske: Public Servant
Romola Latchem Hicks: IU Northwest’s Speech and Theatre Legend
Hilda Richards: Trailblazer at IU Northwest
Anne Donchin: Being a Woman in the Academy
Diane Brashear: Championing Women in Medicine
“Bender Magic:” Eileen Bender’s Impact on IU South Bend and FACET
Inside the Movement for Justice: The Story of James Erroll Miller and the Forensics Department
A Wave of Firsts: Goldie Ivory’s Legacy in Northern Indiana
Coramae Richey Mann: A “Tidal Wave” of Criminal Justice
Camilla Williams: Opera Diva and IU Voice Professor
Breaking Down Barriers: LaVerta Terry’s Impact at IU and the Groups Scholars Program
Benjamin F. Peery’s Astronomical Influence on IU
Barbara Shalucha: Cultivating Communities
IU Bicentennial mourns passing of Leon Taylor, son of IU’s first female African-American student
A Biographical Sketch of Dr. Rebecca Rogers George, 1862-1914
The Women Who Changed IU Medicine
Behind the Scenes: The Unknown Black Women of the IU Libraries and Archives
Bridging the Gap: Early Female Faculty at IUPUI
The Enduring Legacy of Esther Bray: Educator and Civic Leader
The Women Who Broadened IUPUI
“Introductory Chronicle” by Dorothy Collins
Claudia Crump: Lifelong Educator and World Traveler
Daisy Beck on the IU Auditorium Organ
The Untold Stories of May Wright Sewall and Alma Eikerman
Jacqueline Hall Kelly: A Story of Courage and Determination to Succeed
Agnes Wells: Educator, Administrator, Equal Rights Advocate
Dr. Jorge Muñiz: Musician, Professor, Composer
Kathryn A. Fields Blackwell: Education Pioneer
Mary Brown Craig: IU’s First Archivist
The First Women of the Business School