Bicentennial Essays and Podcasts

Voices from the IU Bicentennial

The Voices from the IU Bicentennial series focused on specific topics from IU’s history.

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Carrie Parker Taylor: IU’s First African American Female Student
Martha Dawson: Education and Research Pioneer
Jane Merrill Ketcham: The “Dean of Indianapolis Women Physicians”
Elizabeth Grossman: Advancing the IU School of Nursing
Alice Fitzgerald: The First Director of the IU School of Nursing
Emily Holmquist: The First Dean of the IU School of Nursing
Ethel Palmer Clarke: Expanding the IU School of Nursing
Frances Rhome: IUPUI’s First Affirmative Action Officer
From Librarian to Lawyer: Florence McMaster
Elinor Ostrom: An Uncommon Scholar
The First Female Graduate of the Indiana University School of Law: Tamar Althouse
Nursing Leadership at IU Southeast: Lillian Yeager
Clare Assue: Psychiatrist and Medical Director
Promoting Continuing Education: Marjorie Leamnson Stonehill
The Creation of a Modern Law Library: Betty LeBus
“IU’s Landlady:” Alice McDonald Nelson and the Evolution of IU’s Residence Halls
From “Pack Rat” to University Archivist: Jeannette Matthew
Mari Evans: The Poetry of a Hoosier Life
Ingeborg Schmidt: “The First Lady of Visual Science”
"A Gentle Revolutionary:" Gloria Kaufman and IUSB's Women's Studies Program
The Creation of Sigma Theta Tau: Nursing Honor Society
Nancy Arnold Roeske: Public Servant
IU Northwest’s Speech and Theatre Legend: Romola Latchem Hicks
Trailblazer at IU Northwest: Hilda Richards
Being a Woman in the Academy: Dr. Anne Donchin
Championing Women in Medicine: Diane Brashear
“Bender Magic:” Eileen Bender’s Impact on IU South Bend and FACET
Inside the Movement for Justice: The Story of James Erroll Miller and the Forensics Department
A Wave of Firsts: Goldie Ivory’s Legacy in Northern Indiana
Coramae Richey Mann: A “Tidal Wave” of Criminal Justice
Camilla Williams: Opera Diva and IU Voice Professor
Breaking Down Barriers: LaVerta Terry’s Impact at IU and the Groups Scholars Program
Dr. Benjamin F. Peery’s Astronomical Influence on IU
Cultivating Communities: Barbara Shalucha
IU Bicentennial mourns passing of Leon Taylor, son of IU’s first female African-American student
A Biographical Sketch of Dr. Rebecca Rogers George, 1862-1914
The Women Who Changed IU Medicine
Behind the Scenes: The Unknown Black Women of the IU Libraries and Archives
The Invisible Figures of Indiana Memorial Union History
Lynton Keith Caldwell: Professor, Legislator, and Environmentalist
Will Counts: Photojournalist, Professor, Life-Changer
Edwin H. Sutherland: The IU Scholar Who Revolutionized the Study of Criminology
The Early Days of the IU Graduate School
Daniel Kirkwood: The “American Kepler,” Beloved Professor, and Bloomington Icon
Bridging the Gap: Early Female Faculty at IUPUI
The Enduring Legacy of Esther Bray: Educator and Civic Leader
The Women Who Broadened IUPUI
A Gem of IU History (1992)
The 1968 Little 500 Sit-in Podcast
Paul V. McNutt: Student Leader, Future Governor
Claudia Crump: Lifelong Educator and World Traveler
A Gem of IU History: Daisy Beck on the IU Auditorium Organ
Roland Clark Davis, Pioneering Psychophysiologist
The First Women of the Business School
Diane Nash, Unsung Hero of the Civil Rights Movement, Visits IU Southeast
The Untold Stories of May Wright Sewall and Alma Eikerman
The Poetry of Leadership: Remembering Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis
Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Recording of Hoagy Carmichael’s Star Dust
Jacqueline Hall Kelly: A Story of Courage and Determination to Succeed
A Look at IU Bloomington Arts Centers
IU and Solar Eclipses: A Historical Note
Agnes Wells: Educator, Administrator, Equal Rights Advocate
Dr. Jorge Muñiz: Musician, Professor, Composer
Kathryn A. Fields Blackwell: Education Pioneer
Mary Brown Craig: IU’s First Archivist
Vincent Price’s Visit to IU Southeast
IU’s Most Notable Alumni & The New York Times
The Tale of Two Projects
The Legacy of Andrew Wylie: Food in the 19th Century
Researching the Life of Andrew Wylie
The Legacy of Andrew Wylie
The Sample Gates & the White House: Presidential Scandal
The Sample Gates & the White House: Salutations