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A sepia-toned photo of a group of women in dark skirts and white shirts playing basketball.

IU Women’s Basketball


Women began playing basketball at IU as early as 1890 in the women’s gymnasium located in the basement of Wylie Hall. The Department of Physical Training integrated the sport into the physical education curriculum and women competed in interclass competitions and intramurals. This timeline traces the evolution of women’s basketball from the 1890s through the 1970s. Indiana University Archives

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A woman wearing a blue dress and black sweater stands by a table. Two other students have their backs to the camera in the background.

Open House


The Office of the Bicentennial relies upon student interns to research IU’s history and to assist with project management. Bicentennial Interns displayed their Fall 2016 projects during an open house in December 2016. This blog features examples of student projects and provides links to the Bicentennial Internship Program application.

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