Monroe County Residents Celebrate Bicentennial


More than a hundred residents kicked off the county’s bicentennial in the courthouse atrium with music, history and stories.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton says it’s important to put perspective on the milestone.

“Two hundred years, about ten generations,” Hamilton says. “If you’re young, you can think about your great, great, great grandparents… and you’re half way there.”

Indiana University President Michael McRobbie talked about the 1854 fire that destroyed IU’s first building in Seminary Square and how Monroe County citizens raised $10,000 to rebuild it.

Longtime community activist and former commissioner Charlotte Zietlow brought history to the present disagreeing with the state’s efforts to streamline county government.

“I think we have to struggle with whatever they were thinking in 1818 and live with the mulling mess that we’ve gotten through for years and survived very nicely,” Zietlow says.

Two bicentennial exhibitions were unveiled at the Monroe County History Center.

Festivities take place throughout the year.