IU South Bend holds educational archaeological dig


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – An Anthropology professor instructed his course in archaeological field work on Indiana University South Bend’s campus on Monday.

IUSB’s student housing sits where a Native American village campsite sat more than a thousand 1,000 years ago and an amusement park from the World War I era.

The group of students will learn how to dig, preserve, and catalogue artifacts they find.

Professor Jay VanderVeen took full advantage of the opportunity for his 6-week summer course and set up the time to dig.

“We think we’re finding a few Native American artifacts and that makes sense because this was a village site. Everybody wanted to live near rivers. So this was a village site between 1000 AD and 1000 BC.” VanderVeen said.

Thus far in the assignment, two golf tees and one golf ball have been unearthed that showed the amusement park’s logo on them.

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