IU Dedicates New Supercomputer

(BLOOMINGTON, Ind.) - IU has dedicated one of the world's fastest supercomputers -- again.

Big Red 200 is eight times faster than its predecessor, Big Red 2, which at seven years old is obsolete. It's 8,000 times faster than IU's first supercomputer, which came online in 2001.

At 8,000 calculations a second, president Michael McRobbie says Big Red 200 will have applications across academic disciplines, from cancer and Alzheimer's research to modeling climate change. Informatics associate dean Kay Connelly says the computer's ability to expand its knowledge with each calculation enables detailed simulations which were impossible before. She says it instantly catapults IU researchers to the top of their fields.

Big Red 200 arrived on campus two weeks ago, but the dedication was timed to fall on the date of IU's bicentennial.

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