Time-lapse Video of Big Red 200 Cray Supercomputer at Indiana University

In this video, technicians install the Big Red 200 supercomputer at Indiana University. IU is the first university to deploy a Cray Shasta system, the Cray Slingshot interconnect and Cray Urika AI Suite for Shasta, providing its engineers, researchers and scientists powerful resources for the next era of computing. The new supercomputer will be instrumental in the University’s exploration and advancement of AI in education, cybersecurity, medicine, environmental science and more.

Big Red 200 Highlights:

  • System architecture: Cray Shasta
  • Peak performance: 5.9 Petaflops
  • Processor: 2nd generation AMD EPYC processors
  • AI Accelerators: NVIDIA V100 GPUs
  • Interconnect: Cray Slingshot
  • AI Software: Cray Urika AI Suite for Shasta

Big Red 200, named to celebrate the University’s bicentennial, will replace its predecessor, the “Big Red II” a Cray XK7 supercomputer. With new high-performance computing capabilities, including 2nd generation AMD EPYC processors, the new Cray Shasta supercomputer will be the platform for researchers to advance the use of AI across diverse research areas and in the University’s three Grand Challenges initiative to solve local as well as global issues: Precision Health, Prepared for Environmental Change, and Responding to the Addictions Crisis.

In this video, researchers describe how the Big Red 200 supercomputer at Indiana University will enable new science and discovery.

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