Bicentennial Time Capsule

IU South Bend is preparing a Bicentennial Time Capsule to capture moments throughout the years here on campus. The time capsule will be buried April 23 at 11 a.m. The deadline to submit pictures is April 1.

The time capsule will include different types of items representing IU South Bend, and any member of the IU South Bend community is allowed to submit a photo.

“Newspapers, publications by campus presses, student journals, university and school periodicals, a campus map as well as other promotional materials, Dean’s list from each school, programs from awards and commencement, signed varsity team photos, IU South Bend- branded items like shirts, stickers, swag, parking hang tag, graduation cap and tassel, and items related to the community will be in the capsule as well as pictures submitted,” Scott Shoger, IU South Bend’s Archivist said.

The time capsule will be installed on each IU campus on IU day, April 23. IU South Bend’s capsule will be buried outside of the Schurz Library at 11 a.m. with a variety of speakers planned for the ceremony.

The speakers are Scott Shoger, the President of the Student Government Association Rodger Pinto, and other campus leaders. This time capsule will be sealed until 2120.

“We’ll print out all the submissions that we receive. Thus far, we’ve received less than 100 submissions- and that’s such a puny fraction of the total amount of students, staff, and faculty here,” Shoger said.

Students, staff, and faculty can only submit one photo according to Shoger.

This time capsule is a one-time thing. There is only one IU South Bend Bicentennial time capsule. This is the campus community’s chance to get involved with the school, and a lot of pictures submitted can show what has happened through the years at IU South Bend.

“This is your opportunity to preserve a little slice of your IU South Bend Experience for the century. To leave future generations puzzling over your bizarre fashion choices,” Shoger said.

This photo needs to represent your time at IUSB. Photos will be printed on acid-free paper and sealed in the time capsule.

“We launched the photo submission campaign so that you- yes, I’m talking about you- could be a part of life at IU South Bend, but this is your chance personally to be involved and leave a bit of yourself to posterity. Plus, we figured it would be pretty easy to grab a photo on your phone and submit it through the mobile site,” Shoger said.

To submit a photo visit to fill out the short submission form. If you have any questions, contact Scott Shoger at

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