Double Exposure 2020

WHEN: March 8, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
WHERE: IU Cinema, 1213 E. 7th Street - on the North side of the IU Auditorium

Program includes:

Three Moving Image Portraits (2:30)

Films by students in P335 Production as Criticism

Original Music and Sound Design: Larry Groupé | Sound Mix: Jared O’Brien

In the mid-1960s Andy Warhol created silent black-and-white films of fellow artists, friends, and iconic personalities—he called them “screen tests.” Like other works by Warhol, they interrogate what constitutes a work of art. At the same time, they are a documentary record of the people he placed in front of the camera. The “moving-image portraits” screened today adapt Warhol’s concept and present members of the IU community on black-and-white motion picture film. All were created as part of a Media School Bicentennial Course: Jonathan Banks was filmed by all students in the class, Joan Hawkins and Jon Vickers were filmed by Matt Lutz and Taylor Davis. Selected for this screening by Deonna Weatherly and Navdeep Sharma.

The Bicentennial Project “Moving Image Portraits and the Public Screen” is directed by Susanne Schwibs and Stephanie DeBoer with support from the IU Office of the Bicentennial.

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