Bicentennial Data Visualization

Seeing IU’s Past Differently

Over its 200-year history, Indiana University has awarded over 900,000 degrees. Using data pulled from the Indiana University Alumni Association and the Office of the Registrar, the IU Network Science Institute has created a database to map where alumni have come from, which campuses they attended, and their postgraduate locations. The Bicentennial Alumni Data Visualization project explores some highlights of that trove of data, allowing historical insights to be visually displayed in new and thought provoking ways.

Some large-scale trends, like the ever-expanding reach of student recruitment or the increase in the numbers of countries where alumni are located, are made visible. Other indicators include information on each of the campuses and how postgraduate locations have changed over time.

These visualizations are accompanied by a narrative developed by Kelly Kish, Bicentennial Director, and James Capshew, University Historian, which explains how the alumni population has changed over time and how those changes fit into the larger context of IU’s history