Bicentennial Data Visualization

Seeing IU’s Past Differently

The Indiana University Bicentennial Alumni Data Visualization project will tell IU’s history using a new and exciting medium. Driven by real data, these visualizations will highlight the reach of IU’s vast alumni network and demonstrate IU’s impact on the state, nation, and world. Using approved data pulled from the Indiana University Alumni Association and the Office of the Registrar, the IU Network Science Institute is using state-of-the-art technology that maps where alumni have come from, which campuses they attended, and their current/final locations.

These visualizations will be supplemented by a narrative developed by the University Historian, James Capshew, and the Office of the Bicentennial that explains how the alumni population has changed over time and how that change fits into the larger context of IU’s history.

The IU Bicentennial Alumni Data Visualization project will be unveiled at the Bicentennial Celebration  on June 6, 2020.