IU Northwest Celebration of Faculty Research Day

Date: Friday, September 27, 2019
Time: 1:30 PM-3:30 PM (CST)
Location: Arts & Sciences Building, Mainstage Theater
Faculty Presenters: 14
Attendance: 200

In a series of Ted-X style talks of eight minutes, 14 faculty members discussed their research, both preliminary and ongoing, and detailed how it makes an impact on the region and the state.

Presenters included:

  • William Allegrezza, Poetry, “Step Below: A Poetry Reading”
  • Yllka Azemi, Marketing, “A Holistic Strategy Marketing Model: How Businesses in Gary can Attract Lifelong Customers”
  • Mark Baer, Theatre, “Gary Shakespeare Company: Community Engagement and Student-Engaged Creative Work”
  • Subir Bandyopadhyay and Stephen McShane, Marketing and History, “The Making of the Digital Scrapbook on IU Northwest History”
  • Anita Benna, Education, “Seeing Into the Minds of P-12 Teachers & Students: A Visual Representation of Cognitive Thought”
  • Nico Casas, Library Science, “Developing a Program to Halt the Spread of Fake News and Misinformation”
  • Spencer Cortwright, Biology, “The Gem of Northwest Indiana: Restoration of the Greatest Ecological Region of the U.S.”
  • Jenny Fisher, Biology, “Search for the Next Superbug”
  • Ming Gao, Biology, “What are Germ Cells and how are they made?”
  • Hannah Lee, Psychology, “The Costs and Benefits of Optimism in Academic Performance”
  • Cara Lewis, English, “Dynamic Form: How the Visual Arts Shape Literature”
  • Vernon Smith, Education, “Creating Excellence: Becoming an A+ School”
  • Monica Solinas-Saunders, Criminal Justice, “Incarceration and Reentry at the Intersection with Race and Poverty”
  • Ian Scott Taschner, Chemistry, “Hempire: Cannabinoids and Compliance”