SerafĂ­n M. Coronel-Molina

Associate professor of literacy, culture and language education in the School of Education at IU Bloomington

Specific topics:  Endangered languages,  Global languages-English and Spanish,  Language and cultural journeys,  Minority languages

Robert M. Einterz

Associate dean for global health, the Donald E. Brown Professor of Global Health, professor of clinical medicine and director of the Indiana University Center for Global Health in the IU School of Medicine

Specific topics:  Global health,  HIV & AIDS,  Universal health coverage

Susan B. Hyatt

Professor of anthropology in the School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI

Specific topics:  Immigrant businesses,  Immigration,  Jewish immigration,  Sephardic immigration

Hilary Kahn

Associate Vice President of International Affairs at Indiana University, Associate Vice Chancellor of International Affairs and Associate Professor of Anthropology at IUPUI

Specific topics:  What is Globalization?, Fostering global responsibility, Global workforce Indiana