How to Explore the Virtual Bus

The Virtual Bicentennial Bus features tags (circular targets) that provide close-up images of objects. Some tags link to websites, videos, and 3D models, which can be viewed in the exhibit itself or in another window.

Follow the white circles on the floor of the Virtual Bicentennial Bus to move through the exhibit.

Follow the icon to move through the exhibit. Aqua icon indicates images or text. Purple icons indicate 3D media. Red icon indicates videos. Blue icon indicates links to web content.

To view a tag’s content, click on or mouse-over the target and a window will pop up (the window will close automatically once your mouse leaves the area). The text of the tag will appear at the top of the window (there is a small scrollbar on the right side of the text block for longer texts).

Users can expand the tag windows by clicking on the window once; this will display the full text of the tag and keep the window open. Videos will play automatically when users open a tag. Users can view the 3D models by clicking the play button on the embedded link, or open full screen by clicking the icon in the lower right corner of the model window.