Bicentennial Symposia

Showcasing IU’s Unique and Historic Strengths

The Office of the Bicentennial will offer three symposia that showcase Indiana University’s historic strengths.

Beyond Boundaries: Indiana Academies Symposium

This symposium will take place April 3-4, 2020, at the Indiana Convention Center, and will gather leaders and members of Indiana’s academic associations to promote cross-disciplinary research, discussion, and collaboration.

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Higher Education Symposium

Held during the 200 Festival (September 26-29, 2019), this symposium will highlight IU’s role as “The Mother of College Presidents,” provide a forum for participants to identify trends in higher education, and discuss how higher education will need to change in the decades to come to remain a relevant part of society. Invitees will include Indiana University alumni who have become high-level administrators at universities across the world.

International Education at the Crossroads Symposium

Held October 25-27, 2018, this nation-wide symposium highlighted IU’s role as “an oasis in a linguistic desert” and demonstrated the university’s historic commitment to foreign language instruction and its connection to Title VI. The symposium brought together administrators, linguists, technologies, and historians to focus on the effects of Title VI. Attendees discussed the opportunities that Title VI has afforded and identify threats to its continuation.

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